Urine Tests for Drugs

A foreign friend of mine was taken to the police station last night and had to take a urine test.
Does anyone know what his rights are and what his options are?

Thanks very much for any help or any stories of what has happened to anyone else you know whose had to do this.

I had two friends that were given urine tests in Kaohsiung. The tests came back positive. They went to court and had to serve two weeks in a “rehabilitation” facility. If I had been your friend I would have refused the urine test until I talked to someone from his “Embassy”. I think that there are no implied consent rules for urine tests.

I wonder if it is possible to leave the country with a urine test pending?

The two weeks my friends served were hell. In a small room with five other people. No curtains for privacy, not even around the squat toilet or the shower.

Actually another friend was given a urine test, it came back positive. She is rich and hired an attorney who challenged the positive result three times and eventually, the court let her go.

Good luck.

This is also being discussed overin the open forum
for people who want more information.

It would be really nice to get some legal answers.

Of interest to the present discussion is the following fact: the Taiwan newspapers and TV news programs are reporting that hair samples can be tested, and can show if drugs have been used within the last three years.

I don’t know how complicated such testing is, but at any rate it is being done for some people who have been accused of taking illegal drugs, including the Legislator Mr. Huang. You will recall that he has been in the news recently for supposedly having a S&M SEX PARTY at a prominent Taipei Hotel.