US Driver’s License renewal while in Taiwan

My New York State driver’s license expired almost 2 years ago. However, it can still be renewed as long as it’s within the 2 years of expiry. It can only be done online if I’m in the US which I’m obviously not. I should have done this a while ago but stupidity and laziness got the best of me.

Does anyone have experience renewing their US license while in Taiwan? I tried contacting the NYS Department of motor vehicles but can’t get a consistent answer. I have a US mailing address, but it’s no longer in NYS.

I was thinking of perhaps trying to get a Taiwanese driver’s license but the question then is will they accept my expired NYS license. Again, has anyone dealt with this before?

Hi Pendulum,

Just want to follow up how it works out for you in the end? I am in the same shows right now. NYS license expiring but won’t be back anytime soon. I am hoping the 2 years after expiration thing is true, so that I won’t need to go through all the written and road tests again.

I don’t even mind using mail to renew, but does anyone know if any examiner in Taiwan can do the job? Or will NYS require us to see specific examiners? If so who are they?

Every state has different rules & laws, but I can’t imagine any US state renewing a license if you cannot show residency and be there for the photo and signing. Good luck tho

I know the OP asked about NY, but in response to the above I’m sharing my experience for California licenses. I was able to renew my CA license online while in Taiwan. However, there are a few stipulations: Renew before it expires, have a clean driving record, and have a US mailing address. Also, they only allow online renewals for one cycle; the next time you must appear in person, but normally there’s no exam required if you renew before expiration and have a clean record.

Of course, I believe, that every state is different though the law to let military do such things frequently apply to people living outside for other reasons. Find the law online instead of asking people who probably have never been in such a situation before.

I’ve done it before. I believe that my license was expired for nearly a year when I tried to renew online (or by mail?) and was told that I could not. I went to the laws for such thing and found an exception for people who were living outside the US. Tried again. Denied and was told that was only for active military though, despite that probably being the reason it was law, it didn’t precisely say that. I then wrote to the head of the Dept of Transport for the state and was told my reading was correct and the county was wrong - we went back and forth and they said they would call the local agency and inform them of the situation.

I then received it, no problem though was told that I would need to renew in person the next time it expired, which I did the next time I was in the US.

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This is good to know, thanks for sharing this.

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With REAL ID (a federal requirement) the States have follow it, which requires address verification and few other requirements so it’s harder to renew by mail if you not verified what is required. I went in and did so in person (required) when I was there, and the next time I can do via the web site/mail.