US foreign policy revisited

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Here’s an article raising numerous questions. Our friends on the Left are strongly encouraged to pick and choose whichever they prefer to address and then as they never seem to have been able to do SUGGEST ALTERNATIVES rather than just blathering about Paradise on Earth:

After listening to a variety of American, Middle Eastern, and European pundits, I wish that their understanding of the way the world works were true; or at least even that they believed it to be true. If so, just imagine the following…

That when all the Israelis vacate the Gaza Strip and, like most of the Arab world elsewhere it is free of Jews, indigenous Palestinian consensual government will at last quickly bring peace and tranquility there to its own delighted native citizenry.

That Arab-Israeli communities near the border are agitating to be annexed by Palestine in order to join their brethren under the aegis of Mr. Arafat’s non-Zionist utopia.

That with the promised two-state solution and a return to the so-called Green Line, a few thousand Jewish

Gosh another disaster wracked up by Bush’s incompetence by going into Iraq! When will these disasters end!!! Horrors!!! But it’s all about the 30 years of negotiations that went before without result. Can’t Bush see this! That fucking smirking cowboy guntoting redneck. He should try to understand sophisticated nuanced foreign policy that respects root causes!!!

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Syria has sent messages to bitter foe Israel via Turkey offering to restart stalled peace talks between the two countries, Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam said Wednesday.

The messages carried by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul expressed “Syria’s readiness to resume peace talks from where they broke off” in January 2000, Khaddam said.

They also said that Syria was “still committed to the peace process in accordance with U.N. Security Council resolutions.”

This has been done. And it has found that the suicide nuts of Al Qaeda are from middle and upper class families, are highly educated, and lots of contact with the West.

This has been done. And it has found that the suicide nuts of Al Qaeda are from middle and upper class families, are highly educated, and lots of contact with the West.[/quote]

So, the terrorist-sympathizers and blame-the-US-first crowd were wrong about this… :laughing:

Wanna take a stab at the other ones now?

But it HAS to be all about root causes. Poverty must be to blame. If these terrorists are well-educated (hmmmm questionable) have received college degrees (much like many of our lefties) then how could they be oppressed? Oh, but they are activists (probably not taxpayers or working much either unless with nonprofit organizations or English teaching credentials) and they feel strongly that they are doing the right thing. Is that so hard to understand?

After all, we were repeatedly threatened with dire accounts of welfare reform in 1996 where every Republican was painted as an evil bastard (white male of course) set to grab the last dollar out of some poor, raped, forced to go on drugs black woman with six children’s hands just to go buy another set of golf clubs or a diamond ring for his hopelessly bourgeoisie wife. The fact that poverty rates had increased among the very people that so many liberals were trying to help was beside the point and any suggestion that the best way to fight poverty would be increasing personal responsibility was anathema to our Liberal nutcases. So welfare reform is implemented, black poverty is at its lowest rates ever and the number of welfare cases goes from 12.3 to 5.7 million. Just more Republican insensitivity in action.

[quote=“Guardian UK”]Pakistan may make Nigeria a nuclear power

Julian Borger in Washington
Thursday March 4, 2004
The Guardian

Pakistan yesterday offered to share military assistance, including “nuclear power” with Nigeria, in defiance of President George Bush’s new counter-proliferation initiative.

The offer was announced by the Nigerian defence ministry in a statement saying that General Muhammad Aziz Khan, chairman of Pakistan’s joint chiefs of staff, had made the offer to the Nigerian defence minister, Rabiu Kwankwaso, during a visit to the west African state’s capital, Abuja.

“Speaking at the opening of the discussions, the Pakistani chairman of joint chiefs of staff … said that his country is working out the dynamics of how they can assist Nigeria’s armed forces to strengthen its military capability and to acquire nuclear power,” the Nigerian press release said. Neither the Pakistani nor the Nigerian governments clarified what Gen Khan had in mind.

The announcement is likely to provoke consternation in Washington, coming just a month after the mastermind behind Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, admitted publicly that he had run a black market in nuclear weapons materials.

Pakistan’s president, Pervez Musharraf, expressed shock at the confession, but pardoned Mr Khan, much to the anger of nuclear inspectors at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

A detailed report in the New Yorker this week suggested Washington had turned a blind eye to the Pakistani government’s connivance in sales of nuclear materials and technology to countries like Iran and Libya, in exchange for permission to send American commandos to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush.

A week after Mr Khan’s confession, President Bush launched a counter-proliferation initiative based on international cooperation to curb transfers of nuclear technology and materials. Gen Khan’s offer to Nigeria appeared to be in blatant defiance of that initiative.

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[quote=“The Times of India”]Nigeria ‘nukes’ Pak with N-claim


NEW DELHI: Islamabad’s run of disastrous luck on the nuclear front continued on Thursday with Nigeria first making