US/international banks that have online Transfer to Taiwan?

Looking to set up local entity and to self fund ARC. Paper work is through, need to wire money. Currently having trouble, US bank where money is does not do online or phone transfers - requires physical person to goto a branch.
I am currently in Taipei.
According to my local accountant and the one setting up my entity, money must come via a transfer from a US account with my name attached.

Has anyone come across this issue? How was it solved? Any suggestions for a US/International bank that i could reasonably open an account either in Taiwan or online to facilitate this transfer?

Try TransferWise with a USD transfer. But not sure with what name the money will actually show up in your account in Taiwan

He could wire the funds to Transferwise, take it out at ATM with Transferwise card and deposit it manually. Obviously he will get TWD. Not sure if he wants to have it in USD in Taiwan.

Would transferwise be able to transfer directly to my local Taiwan bank?

They don’t operate in Taiwan yet. My guess is because of the world class financial regulations.
But the government promised to make Taiwan the next financial hub, just wait for it… :joy:

Edit: @ma3xiu1 says that is possible


Yes, be careful with that, I know that sometimes with Transferwise the money can come in the name of the company, it’s better to ask them first. I believe Transferwise have two options to send money.
Click on “balance” (see your personal bank account), add money, and sent it, it should be in your name this way.