US made plans for War against UK, Canada and Mexico

Well you learn a new thing everyday. Here are details about a new documentary:

[url=]Prior to the Second World War the United States made plans for war against its three closest allies, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. These plans, developed by the armed forces, were approved by Congress and by President Franklin D Roosevelt.

US war plans against the UK were code-named War Plan Red. This was a plan for world-wide war. The US did not expect to win this war outright, but rather to fight Britain to a stalemate. The losses of Hawaii and the Panama Canal were contemplated, in return for a crippling of British imperial power.

War Plan Crimson. First drafted in 1924, the plan involved the invasion and seizure of Canada along with other British possessions. Even if Canada declared itself neutral, it would be invaded and occupied.

In October 1934 the US Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy authorised the strategic bombing of Halifax, Montreal, and Quebec City. The US Army simultaneously made “all necessary preparations for the use of chemical warfare from the outbreak of war.”

The US military believed that poison gas [already tested on US citizens no doubt], dropped on Canadian cities, would make the Canadians surrender more quickly, and reduce US casualties.

In 1935, the US held its largest-ever military manoeuvres, with more than 50,000 troops practicing a motorized invasion of Canada.

By 1939 the plans - approved by congress, cabinet officers, and the President - were well advanced. The US War College was planning a land- and sea-based invasion beginning in Halifax, Nova Scotia, when the outbreak of World War II - in Europe - caused it to be put on hold.

The plan to invade and conquer Mexico was code-named War Plan Green. It entailed a blockade and economic sanctions, followed by two strikes: the seizure of Mexican oil wells in Tampico and Tuxpan, and the simultaneous invasion of Mexico City, to engagethe Mexican army in a decisive battle.

Due to their superior air power, the Americans anticipated that they would quickly anihilate the Mexican army, destroying much of the city in the process.

At this point, the US planned to install a puppet government, create a new Mexican army, and prepare for a long period of guerrilla war. [Doesn’t that sound familiar?]

As the American psychologist Floyd Rudmin has observed, War Plan Green was the same strategy today being employed in Iraq; economic sanctions, seizure of oil assets, the creation of a new government and army (paid for by the conquered nation) and US disengagement in the face of a prolonged guerrilla war.

This is the crucial importance of these ‘old’ American war plans. The Iraq war is not the mad adventure of some 21st century Neocons. It is part of a long-term strategy for US seizure of the world’s oil assets, fuelled by the collective neuroses of the most powerful and paranoid state the planet has yet seen.


And Canada had counter-attack plans that involved storm down to Washington, burning the White House (again), and cutting off NY. Wouldn’t have worked, but planning wars is what’s done in peace time.

Oh c’mon, cake. Is that the best you can do? I read that article in the Toronto Star eight years ago.

I smell something burning in the bakery…

Hey Cake/J.
How is this Bush’s fault? Man, you’re really disappointing me lately. Every country plans for contingencies during peace time. You never really know what the other folks are planning.

Just wait till you find out the “true” purpose of our Mars rovers…We are on the doorstep of intergalatic warfare over Mars’ Iron resources…I can see it coming any day now!!