US News: Switzerland is Best Country!


US News commissioned a survey of international opinions (both informed, and not-so-informed) of selected countries, on 65 different measures ranging from “sexy” to “strong military” to “cheap manufacturing costs” to “different” and “unique” (as well as others less favorable to North Korea). Congrats, Switzerland! You are Best Country!{“mode”:“map”,“axes”:[{“z”:“best_country_score_100”}],“countries”:[]}

Before you ask, Taiwan was not included, perhaps because the list of countries was taken from the UN and the World Bank. Glancing at the categories, I would have to imagine that it would have scored at least a 50 (out of 100), putting it ahead of India, for a ranking of 20-somethingth.

Hopefully US News can do an equally profound study of My Little Pony, to determine which character is “Best Pony.”