US Passport Renewal at AIT - Anyone try lately?

Has anyone tried to renew a passport via AIT recently, like since the pandemic started? I’ve got just a few months left and couldn’t do it until now. The only answer I can get it that it’ll get done when it’s done.

To put your mind at ease, you won’t have any trouble staying in Taiwan if your passport expires before you get the new one as long as your ARC and reason for residency is still valid. You just won’t be able to travel.

Eh won’t ARC become invalid when passport expires? And basically ARC cannot be renewed if passport expired/about to expire?

Remember the dates printed on ARC are for reference only.

My bet is that if you show proof of being in the process of renewing your passport, you’ll be given a grace period to renew your ARC.
And the dates printed on the ARC are for reference only anyway.

You’ve got 30 days after the expiration. Usually they will fine you in that time, but I think that’s been suspended- don’t know for how long. The Canada Trade Office last month was great - in and out in half an hour; passport mailed to me in two weeks,

Well, my ARC expires when my passport expires. AIT said something to the effect of I could get an ARC extension if I showed them the passport processing receipt that they would mail me. I hope that’s the case.

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I just mailed my passport renewal form with all necessary docs to AIT ten days ago. I’m not sure how it will take. The normal time is probably 6 weeks but with the staffing issues caused by the virus, I expect delays. I did lose a couple of days trying to find a bank that would let me buy a money order and I highly recommend MegaBank as they understand why you need it.


After a little more digging around, it seems they are doing quite well at processing passports. There’s is a place to check on the status and mine has been completed and mailed back to AIT. Refer to this page for details:

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Did you by chance try China Trust? That’s my usual bank and where I was planning to go Monday.

I tried Citibank, huanan, and standard charter without success. Standard charter could do it but I would have to pick up the check in 3 days. It wouldn’t hurt to try China Trust. I have a credit card with them and their service is quite good.

I’ll try one if the other doesn’t work. Is that something I can do at a teller window, or do I need to get a number for “other services.”

Get a number for the international money exchange because you need the money order in USD.

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Hi @SunWuKong or anyone else on this forum, how long did it take you to renew the US passport at AIT during the pandemic? Did you mail it in or schedule an in-person appointment? I am thinking about doing it in-person so I can pay with a US credit card at the counter, which I heard it’s possible.

Can’t remember. It wasn’t long, a month or so. It was easy.

Related question: do APRC holders need a valid passport if they don’t intend to travel.



You’re in a foreign country. Of course you need a valid passport.

Do britishers think they still own most of the world ?

It would go something like this: By law you must report any changes to your address or passport, like a renewal or becoming invalid. So if you don’t, you’re in violation. If you go and report you no longer have a valid passport, they might be willing to allow you to stay temporarily while you sort that out, but it would be limited. You can’t legally be in a country without a passport from your country unless you have some special status or paperwork, though it may or may not make your APRC invalid.