US Passport Renewal at AIT - Anyone try lately?

I can access the site just fine with an HTTPS connection. And for something that has payment details, HTTPS would be quite nice to have.

Sorry I just typed the name of the website not even thinking it would auto-hyperlink

Or a USD Cashier’s Check issued by a Taiwanese bank. If that’s impossible (I’ve not yet tried this) then yes, the online payment is the only option. You can see this on the AIT website as well as in the email correspondence they have previously sent to me.

  • Non-Refundable Application Fee for Passport Book: US$130
  • Payment Method:
    1. Online payment: pay the US$130 passport application fee via the U.S. government ‘s secure payment site . See our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 167KB) for more information. After successfully paying the fee, you must print out the electronic payment confirmation you receive via email and include it in the package you send to AIT.
    2. Bank draft: pay by a US$ (cashier’s check) issued by a local bank in Taiwan. Bank draft issued in US$ is payable to American Institute in Taiwan. Your bank draft must be issued within the past five (5) months.
  • We CANNOT accept personal checks or either US or NT cash by mail.
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In case anyone runs into the same issue in the future, this is the link for Taiwan residents to use. I guess it’s a catch all for the folks left off of the main form that I had found. Wish the website was a little easier to navigate. - Overseas U.S. Adult Passport Renewal Fee

I just renewed my passport. Mailed it on Oct 25th. Received it on Nov 16th. Pretty fast.
I had no problems paying via, although I used an US credit card.


Similar, I think mine was just over 2 weeks door to door in late October.

OP, I don’t remember having any issues with the payment site or finding what I needed there. I used the link provided in the instructions from AIT, just follow those exactly.

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2 weeks in November as well.


Thanks everyone for your DPs. Much appreciated.

I’m sorry. I haven’t logged in an awhile. When I paid before, I had to mail a cashier’s check to them with my application. It has definitely changed.

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Thanks for following up @Aikaili

So if anyone is wondering, because I always like to followup on my own questions/threads, I decided not to rush out to do the renewal and instead wait til February when I’ll have a full 7-week window to renew (although that window will include CNY)

That said, I’ve read that the bottleneck in US passport renewals has really eased now, and people are receiving their passports at a much quicker pace. It’s also much easier to get emergency appointments. And they finally launched an online appointment finder rather than the terrible phone call at 8:59am on the dot and waiting on hold for hours and hours. So I did a test search and found plenty of availability at my preferred site in the US, and so instead of renewing by mail in Taiwan in February, I will attempt an emergency appointment during my visit to the US in January.

I will again followup once that process in complete.

@pikabon @squall1 @Poundsand

If any of y’all can advise me, I’m about to mail in my renewal and wondering if I must cut my photo and staple it to the application, or if AIT will do that for me when they receive the package. Thanks!

I attached it. I don’t remember if I used a paper clip or stapled it.

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I cut mine. Stapled top and left side.

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When I’ve previously renewed mine in US at post office, I’ve always stapled photo. Just 2 staples are enough.

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We’ve got an appointment next week for the kid’s renewal. Hopefully it is more pleasant than USA postal workers.

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Arrived 9:25 for a 9:30.
8 queues or so.
Left 11:10.

They say about 4 weeks. (I heard some workers tell people 3-4, others told 4-5.)

People were friendly and professional. More positive experience than I felt from the USPS. Nice building; I had last been at the previous AIT, which felt like a worn out bunker.

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Yay my renewal was successful and incredibly speedy.

Feb 15 - Mailed renewal package to Taipei AIT (US “embassy”) from Yilan.
Feb 22 - after some back and forth via email, my application was officially in “process” by the AIT office.
Feb 28 - Status on the state dept site changed to approved.
Feb 29 - Mailed
Mar 6 - received early in the morning at my door via special courier (in Taipei)

AIT warned me numerous times that there is no “expedite” option for renewal from Taiwan, however they would try to process it on their end as quickly as possible. They just couldn’t control the US side of things. Seems like the US side did it incredibly fast.


Submitted Feb 16
Delivered March 20
Child’s passport, if that matters.