US Passport Renewal in Los Angeles?

I’ll be in the Los Angeles area for a week this summer and I’d like to renew my passport which expires in spring 2007. I’ve briefly looked at the LA Passport Agency site. Thought I might save time and ask if anyone has renewed their US passport in Los Angeles and has advice? Thanks.

I renewed mine before I came over here, in May '04, at the Huntington Beach City Hall
(714) 536-5511
2000 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
2nd floor.

Fast, easy and painless.
40 minutes south of LA.
Drive Pacific Coast Highway south to Main st (At the Huntington Beach Pier) and turn left.

Thanks for your reply.
Due to my very limited time in the US, I’ve decided not to renew my passport while vacationing. I found this information about renewing through the American Institute in Taipei.

“… the American Institute in Taipei.”

OK…good luck dealing with these folks…heh heh heh…

I renewed my passport at AIT without any difficulty. This was about 3 years ago and things may have changed but I really have had no problems with them except the time my soon to be wife wanted to visit my family in the states and they treated her like a criminal and would only allow a short term visa becuase they thought she might try to stay there. Really torqued me and still gives me heartburn. Anyway, no problems with passport renewal.

Enigma -
I use the AIT in Kaoshiung and also have had no problems there at all.
I should have been cleared in saying that I was referring to the AIT in Taipei. That place is a madhouse. Full of incomptent, rude people. And thats [i]if[/i] you can ever get to talk to them.
My experiences with the staff ar AIT in Kaoshiung has been the complete opposite. They have returned my messages promptly, assisted beyond the call and acted in a professional manner.

Taipei AIT on the other hand…

Thanks. I also have heard horror stories about the Taipei office, which is where my wife had the problems. However, the passport renewal was simply not a big problem. I am trying to recall one small issue which was easily solved. As I recall, they wanted my passwport to renew it and I did not want it out of my control. They made a copy of the face page and submitted that, I believe it actually went to Hong Kong, for the renewal. It took a few days but everything went smoothly. I am glad to here that our southern bretheren have things more sorted.

hi guys my US passport will expire in about a year I am wondering hwo do I renew it? I can renew it in Taipei AIT? or just go back to states and renew it? but for either way how long will it take and wha’ts the process liek?

Here is the AIT link re passport renewal

hello to apply by mail how long until they mail the new passport? mine will expire in early July…I should do it asap…also the ten year validity means how long it was valided right?

About two weeks.

Yes. Renew asap.

Yes, the passport will be valid for ten years.

in the renew page … 061014.pdf) service to mail me my new passport?

I am qualified to do it by mail but do you guy recommend to do it in person? kinda afraid it will get lost in the mail…