US pop music has reached stagnation point

my country was once a bastion on musical culture. the most creative musicians in the world put out some of the most awesome efforts.
but now it’s a stagnant wasteland. every male singer sounds like a bad imitation of hooty (of the blowfish). the songs are all sung like that. the lyrics suck. then there’s country music. don’t go there. working man’s blues. gimme another beer so the women will look better. then there’s the girl singers. all of them look like playboy models. i think it’s a requirement now for them to look as good or better than a centerfold. blonde and big. then there’s celen dion, the record companies’ answer to the need for a white witney houston. i like the black one better.
music education? MI (musicians institute in hollywood) sucks too. they only turn out riff hounds. being an MI alumni meant something when howard roberts (jazz guy) was still around but not anymore.
i luckily remembered that i had brought my pat methey CDs and turned the radio off. it made all the butt sore driving around that zero public transportation wasteland bearable.
norah jones is the only star in a musically dark sky.

There is good music out there, like there has always been and always will be.

But you have to look for it.

MTV and radio only play the music that has been promoted by the majors - who seem to think that they know what we like.

I haven’t listened to the radio in about 10 years.

I’m still waiting for the majors to realise that the people who are still buying cds are the same people who were buying them 10 years ago. Most of their tastes are not centered on crap like spears. So hopefully bands with more substance will get a chance.

How many 16 year olds have ever bought a CD? They know more about file sharing.

I hope that music becomes more faceless and the entertainment aspect vanishes and they become musicians again.

A lot of bands now only make money by touring. The good thing is it will seperate the men from the boys.

But there has been crap on the airwaves for years, so maybe I am cluthing at straws.

The original argument is nonsense. I’m sure people have said this since the fifties. There is stuff around like Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah. Neither are what I consider lookers but obviously they have talent although they’d never make my personal music collection.

i think the record industry as we know it is going to crash. i mean, if i can get a pay plan up on my site, i’ll be selling my own songs. people could book me for appearances by emailing me. why would i ever need a record company?


I hope that music becomes more faceless and the entertainment aspect vanishes and they become musicians again.

But there has been crap on the airwaves for years, so maybe I am cluthing at straws.[/quote]

I agree with the former much more than the latter.

I think music videos used to be a novelty, now they are nothing more than a distraction from the music itself, unless of course it’s a “live” music video where the band is simply onstage doing their thing. That’s kinda cool. :sunglasses:

To see all these teenies on MTV or whatever TV music station with a dozen dancers in tight skirts and tight tops is appealing, but utterly ridiculous when it comes to the actual music. Methinks the music is now written with the video in mind. :help: Thank MJ for that.

I’ve never been able to watch more than a couple music videos before I lose interest. But that’s just me. However, give me an authentic live recorded performance by almost any band that I like and I’ll probably watch most of it. :slight_smile:

On the topic of recorded music crashing, and god-awful music filling the pop airwaves. Yes and yes. The problem is, payola is still alive and well in the recording/broadcasting industry and pushy, persuasive A&R men are worth their weight in gold…even today among all the high-tech tricks. So there’s no reason to expect any significant turnaround.

Music has evolved though, and usually also comes full-circle. What is popular now, in some instances, was popular 25 years ago in a different form. And as far as music radio is concerned, it all depends on what radio station you listen to. With the advent of the Internet, hundreds of specialty e-broadcasters are available. So don’t despair, just do a search and have your CD burner ready!

And on the topic of “16-year-olds not buying a CD”? Personally, I haven’t bought a CD in years. Who needs to? Why not just compile one yourself from the 'Net?

Sure, music and the industry that supports it ain’t the same, but that’s a good thing in many ways, and is simply the state of things anyway. We have the power of choice and I choose not to watch music videos and be choosey about my own music colletion. :notworthy:


i agree about videos. used to be they made videos to add to the song. now they make songs imagining the video for it,seems.