US Prisons: What's wrong

There are a number of things that one might say is wrong with the US prison system. Chief among them are:

  1. high ratio to civilian pop.

  2. high proportion of blacks

This article focuses on something else: SEX in prison.

As one person said: No one likes to think that it exists, but everyone knows it happens.

Is the “puritan” attitude towards sex so negative that people aren’t willing to do anything about it -ie keep up the state of denial.

[quote]“Removing the freedoms of criminals is in itself a deterrent,” said California Assemblyman Paul Cook. “Allowing condoms into prisons simply sends the wrong message and confirms what we all suspect: Our prison system has serious and severe behavioral and inmate-control issues.”[/quote] But does he go on to try and fix those prison control problems? And if not, why isn’t condom access a reasonable interim policy?

While the Guv’nor has vetoed a condom program, [quote]He described it as “not an unreasonable public policy” and instructed corrections officials to assess the feasibility of a pilot program at a yet-to-be-selected state prison.[/quote]


[quote]Vermont’s Corrections Department, although it holds relatively few HIV-positive inmates, has been making condoms available in prisons since 1992 — even though sexual activity remains officially prohibited. [/quote] It’s interesting that the State with the slogan “Live Free or Die” often has some of the nation’s most progressive policies. … VLSFfVJRIF

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good breakfast. >.<

Ok, about a real solution: I don’t really have one, so I’ll waste a few minutes of everyone’s time by providing a humorous (or attempt at humor) “solution.”

Let’s make prisons multi-gender. Then, we can run our own reality dating show and broadcast it to the masses for entertainment. Think of the possibilities! We can have another program that shows just want inmates are willing to do to have a go at the ol’ in-out. Also, think of the pure fun-factor in ‘elimination’ rounds for another variation of the dating program. “Here we have 3 inmates; one has his right hand tied behind his back, one has a knife but is blindfolded and has his left hand tied behind his back, the other one is just blindfolded but has no weapons. WINNER GETS LAID, GO!!!” Also, we can have some fun with gender-benders: “You won the dream date!! Now, you get to find out, is it a real girl… or a GUY WITH A WIG?!?”

So, that means more jobs for Californians in an industry they are already good at doing (more jobs!), in-mates get laid (happy inmates!), and the rest of the country has a show they can finally call their own (people are happy!). It’s a win-win-win scenario here. It’s crazy–it’s SO crazy… it just might work.

The biggest problem within prisons, if you ask me, is the clientele - couldn’t they be a bit more choosy about the kind of people they put in there?

My thought exactly. And how about the activities they have to occupy themselves? A college degree for a lifer?

Unlocking America

[quote]The US prison population has risen eight-fold since in the last 37 years, with little impact on crime levels however at great cost to US taxpayers.

The report called for a major retooling of the US criminal justice system and recommended implementing new policies to reduce the prison population, including shorter sentences and the decriminalization of certain recreational drugs, arguing that these measures would “save $20 billion a year and ease social inequality without endangering the public.”
The problem is that in the US, they think they can solve all problems with punishment and incarceration. It’s the easy answer that sounds good in a sound bite.

My thought exactly. And how about the activities they have to occupy themselves? A college degree for a lifer?[/quote]

In between raping each other without condoms, one supposes.

Slow puncture . . . pfffffftttt!


This is the ugliest stuff imaginable and a lot of it could be done away with with good methadone programs. Make it available to those who chose and then begin cracking down much harder on whatever drug problem remains. Do regular blood tests. Drugs in your system, you go for withdrawl in isolation. That should be regular as the dawn till that situation improves. Seperate the violent from the non-violent as much as possible. Institute a work for food policy. Get rid of the macho weight training culture. Maintain the educational programs. Much stiffer punishment for those who commit rape. Give out condoms. That’d about do it I reckon.

Fuck the criminals! Fuck the prisoners! Fuck the scumbags! Ohhhh. That WAS what you were talking about wasn’t it? :blush:

No, the fantasy holiday weekend thread is [color=red]here[/color]

That they’ve been handed over to private interests who make money off them and therefore want to see them full?

give all the prisoners too much methadone? wrapped in condoms to make them feel at home? and perhaps supply it pr.

mucha man vs. fred: he he, both of you.

There is an easy solution that no-one has considered, which the military already uses, and that is to add de-stimulants to the food.

ah, the old ‘bromine in the tea’ red herring… updated.