US State Department will start asking visa applicants for their social media accounts

What’s next? Will scanning people’s phones and laptops at the border become normal? It has already started happening. I hope other countries don’t follow suit.

I don’t want my tax dollars going towards scanning people’s social media accounts. It’s Orwellian, it won’t make anyone safer, and it will cost millions and millions of dollars every year.


The US became Orwellian a long time ago when terrorists rammed planes into buildings.

Your social media accounts are already being used to discriminate you in the workplace.

Though you could claim you have no social media accounts…

I should list my account of this forum?


I deleted my fb and Instagram accounts two years ago because I finally decided social media is bs. Guess they will figure I’m trying to hide something and ban me too lol.

Wait til that starts happening. Im sorry sir, you can’t enter the USA because I am unable to see your hundreds of cat photos on fb.

People should bring a phone to the border with nothing but selfies of their cock for the guards to puruse


Social Media account is just another way for governments to judge your life as worthy or unworthy.

Already your job interview includes a social media search. Stupid stuff you do when you were 3 is used against you in hiring decisions and HR people have very vivid imaginations. Any negatives and you’re assumed to be an irresponsible loser.

That’s very hard to keep up.

That’s a red flag, sir.


You should start up new accounts, and fill them with happy US flag waving type stuff.


I’ve often wondered if one of the reasons I’m having trouble getting interviews here in the US is my complete lack of a social media presence. I wonder how companies view people that don’t exist online.

I have never opened an fb account as it’s 1984 undoubtedly!


The US was Orwellian long before this. They had their tentacles in ATT since the 40s and every major telecom of the last half century. The telecoms went along with this so their license would be expedited and hassle-free .They just did a better job keeping it quiet.

So how will this work exactly?

The article said visa applicants will need to select which social media accounts they use from a drop down box on the online visa application. It made no mention of handing over login information such as username and password.

So, if they only know which services you use and don’t have access into your account as you, the user, then what exactly is the point? On FB you can easily set everything to “friends only” and other social media sites you can set to private, etc. Anyone from the outside looking in sees only what you allow them to see.

Will they ask you to “friend” the US State Dept? :ponder::roll::idunno:
Will they demand your login information?
Or is it all just for show?

Can’t you just lie and say you don’t have one? I have a pretty generic name. If you searched for me on FB you’d have to scroll through 50 people with the same name to find me.

Or you can do what the other poster suggested and make a fake account.

Either way it seems like a huge invasion of personal privacy.

In another article I read, it said you had to list all of the email addresses and phone numbers you’ve used the past five years. They could easily search for your accounts with this information.

You can set your profile image to something that is not a picture of you and use a name that is not yours, etc.

The entire thing seems to be a huge waste of time, money and resources.
And what about visa free entry people? They pose less of a threat than those required to obtain a visa to enter the US? :ponder:

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I don’t put my phone numbers or email addresses on FB lol. You think I want randoms contacting me?

Is this why all those libertarians voted for Trump? Things are becoming more Orwellian by the day.

Unpopular opinion: It makes sense from a security standpoint, and if you think your social media stuff was ever that private you were probably wrong.

But hey don’t worry. The U.S. State Department is run like a third-world country, with technology to match. Doubt it will amount to much.

I heard years ago that USA was spying on the whole planet in the second half of last century.

It’s spreading, social credit system by another name?

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