US state legislature proposes one religion dominant

It had to happen sometime, and now might as well be the time. Of course, this will NEVER pass, but just to have the balls to propose it, whatever is happening to America these days?

TO WIT (or not to wit): Missouri legislators in Jefferson City considered a bill that would name
Christianity the state’s official “majority” religion. The resolution would recognize “a Christian god,” and it would not protect
minority religions, but "protect the majority’s right to express their
religious beliefs. The resolution also recognizes that, “a greater power exists,” and only
Christianity receives what the resolution calls, “justified recognition.” … 61c3f.html

Its not happening to America.

Its one numbskull legislature probably paying off a political favor.
If you get a chance top see allof the ridiculous crap that these elected ass-hats propose and try to attach to various bills it would make your head swim.

And neither party has an exclusive on stuupid.