US student loan crisis

Agree 100%. Prices started increasing when company funded healthcare policies were added in the 80’s. Prior to that we had “insurance” for unexpected costs like surgeries. We also used to ask the doctor how much things would cost as part of our decision making process. Once Americans started expected to pay less and get more with only a co-pay, the healthcare costs skyrocketed.

Yeah, that’s cheap as hell for the US.
My mom fell in front of her house and broke her knee. 2K for the ambulance ride alone.

That was out-of-pocket as they were Taiwanese on vacation in the US. Agree about the cost when it is related to quality of life.

That’s really pretty reasonable then. Especially if you consider the small but higher than 0 chance that a growth plate fracture could cause a problem later.

While it’s true that doctors spent hardly any time with me, any specialist treatment was not hurried through. The nutritionist I saw after getting a diagnosis for prediabetes really took her time.

Also do you really want to pay 1000 per month for insulin for type 1 diabetes? Because nobody in Taiwan pays that much.

I am glad you are getting good care. Most of the time, it is sufficient for me.

I should mention, these specialists did not add to the cost of my visit. Still the same 450nt copay that I paid. Including drugs, lab tests, etc.