US student loan crisis

I think it’s about projecting their rhetoric of how the economy is recover under Biden so student loans repayments should restart. Throwing people under the bus for their awful start.

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It’s not like Democrats are the pinko communists that the Republicans accuse them of being. Democrats are still considered right wing by European politicians. Basically they are conservatives, and ultra conservatives.

It’s mind-boggling, really. Inflation is at what, 7%? COVID is clearly still out there. Wages are up but not actually because inflation robs workers of any gains from those higher wages. I mean, I have a job and the means to start repaying my loans, but I don’t really want to on the basis of FedLoanServicing decided it doesn’t want to exist anymore and I don’t even know who I’m supposed to start paying in a month. Total clusterf

I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of anyone from Europe say they consider them right wing.

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Policy wise, the US Dems are, at best, moderates, but, more realistically, heading towards the right, compared to developed Europe

They will lie to you that inflation is good for you right in your face…

Yes, it’s a way to chip away your debt…but that doesn’t matter when everything is 5%+ more expensive.

It’s evident by policy.

In Democrat states, they incarcerate people at higher rates than Republican states, they championed the 3 strike laws, and as far as immigration goes, they have not really opposed to Republican’s policy.

In short, Liberals in the US are not really that liberals, at least compared to Europe where people have to do some terrible things to be incarcerated for any significant amount of time. Immigration wise unless you’ve done some terrible things you don’t generally get deported from European countries.

But from the US, you get deported if you were convicted of misdemeanors. And this does not matter if the government is Democrat or Republican.

Why would one not know that?

Because the emails I get reminding me my loan payments will be due soon are from FedLoan Servicing, but they’re not handling student loans anymore.

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You would think with US salary student loan would be easy to pay off.

Depends on the degree really. Some people have over 100k in debt that have degrees like fine art.

How do you owe 100,000 in student loans? As far as I know Stafford only go up to about 40,000. Do they have to take out other loans, perhaps from non government sources?

I (sort of) know two Americans who went to Columbia law school and they have 300k in student loans. Maybe it’s different with law schools.

It looks like everyone’s furious with the loans situation.

I think when the sitting president made promises to forgive 10k with many people voting for him with that as one of the main reasons and the repayment starting again, it’s a lot for people to handle.

My doctor ( intern) has 600k in loans.

Well either it’s not possible for some reason, or politicians promise stuff and never deliver.

Besides the US has never been a democracy. Corporations control governments, not people.

I find it unbelievable that people are willing to make that kind of sacrifice to become a doctor in America. Residents make 60k for 5 years like a dog and have 600k of student loan debt. It literally takes forever to pay it all off. In Taiwan interns/residents make like 50k (USD) and almost none would have any student loan debt.

It sounds like a pointless commitment when anyone in Silicon Valley makes 200k like immediately after graduation.

In Taiwan if you can get into a medical program tuition is the least of your worries… it will be paid for. It isn’t that much anyways, something like 20,000nt per semester.

She s doctor. What can they do? Put her in jail?

She laughed it off.