US to decouple from China, switch recognition back to Taiwan?

From Reuters: US President Donald Trump signalled a further deterioration of his relationship with China over the novel coronavirus, saying he has no interest in speaking to President Xi Jinping right now and going so far as to suggest he could even cut ties with the world’s second largest economy, Reuters reports.

OK I know he’s just stirring but can we read into even just a slight possibility we get re-recognized?


Well, congrats on finally taking the plunge and starting to drink at work, at least :+1:


Everyone knows by now that Taiwan is the biggest F U to China, especially right now. China is pissing everyone off with how they’ve handled it so far.

I think it’s time for Tsai to pick up the phone. Wind is shifting. Send more masks and offer to send our people to advise on the issue. Also call Australia and more EU countries. People are pissed off. They will be even more so as the economic fallout really sinks in. The way China is blocking investigation, they will hold the blunt of the blame. Politicians, right or wrong, will throw fuel of that flame to cover their government’s short comings and economic slowdown.


Case Study:


Taiwan needs to act. Send our VP, a private citizen in another week, to the US to volunteer to help lead coronavirus efforts. Then have the inauguration be the biggest event in modern Asian history. Have leaders from countries such as Japan and the UK attend. Then cue Lee Greenwood and have Jim Ross, flown in to do English commentary, scream “OMG, do you hear that? That’s DONALD TRUMP’S MUSIC.”


Wasn’t Honhai supposed to build a chip plant somewhere cold? What happened to that?

And so early in the morning too hic. :cocktail:


I dont understand why we have to use the word ‘switch’. While we know Beijing will inevitably cut ties, that isn’t an official policy in Taiwan anymore and dual recognition would be fine with Taiwanese. They don’t want to be the ‘legitimate government of China’ because the people here are the legitimate rulers of Taiwan.

We don’t have to switch anything. If Beijing wants relations, that’s on them. It’s about finally recognising Taiwan as its rightful place among the international community.


China defines it that way. If you’re friends with Taiwan you can’t be friends with China.


Why do we need to follow China’s definition and propaganda? There’s no switching. We can recognise Taiwan anytime we want to. It isn’t switching if they pull the plug. Switching is if the US pulls the plug.


sounds like a high school bully’s behavior


Who da fuq is we? I recognize Taiwan myself. I’d never ignore her at a party.

Us…Western countries?

Oh, ok. I’m not personally a western country. :rofl:

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“The US of A has always followed the One China policy, and trust me when I say that this is not going to change. We are firm believers on the fact that there’s only One China, and that one is China. Taiwan is Taiwan, therefore we’re going to build an official embassy in Taipei and recognize it as the capital city of the country of Taiwan”


A man can dream.


Kidnapping? That’s the only way you’re going to get Abe and Johnson here.

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Body doubles. Deep fakes. Think outside the box, man.

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If Trump catches the corona, your dreams might just come true.

If the US wants to do this, it has to snap out of its current anti-education, anti-science, anti-global enagement funk. The US maintains its position in the world post WW2 because of its leading position in education and science. The US has to continue to champion humanitarianism, and curb dictatorship and totalitarian regimes.

Without any of these steps, most countries will just follow the biggest market in the world that throws money at them, and that would be China.