USA and gun control


There’s a difference between a faction and a party (despite Comrade Smithbureau’s misinformed impression of how proportional representation works). So no, you cannot say Donnie’s a third party guy. Nor would Bernie have been one.

Ross was a third party guy, back in the day. This time around, it was Gary. Number four was Jill.


What happened to all those police and military endorsements that came flooding in after he declared himself “the law and order candidate”? You’re not telling me it was all fake news, are you?

Besides, he does not have the entire establishment against him even in political/financial terms. For starters, he’s part of the establishment, and though there are many (not all) Republicans waiting for the right moment to stab him in the back, isn’t that kind of the norm these days?

I hope I’m not repeating myself here, but I remember when Barry O was new, and people were saying he’ll have the shortest presidency ever – there’s no way the establishment will tolerate him! My objection was that he wasn’t anti-establishment but simply trying to adjust the establishment. Donnie’s planned adjustments are just bigger.

No, they wouldn’t have – not the MSM anyway – he was too good for business, and he was prepared to keep playing along with them after the election if he lost (which he may have been expecting to happen). That’s also why his creditors rescued him from bankruptcy, apparently – they realized they could make more money by propping him up than by holding him liable for everything they had on him. (Speaking of which, I suspect Alec wasn’t joking when he said the “N word tape” does exist in an NBC vault somewhere.)

Fox is also MSM, btw.

Now about those other parties, while we’re at it, how did the MSM treat them? It was always Donald vs. Hillary, and even though most channels and papers were against Donald, they all acknowledged he was “the other main candidate” i.e. to be taken seriously, no matter how grudgingly.

Gary basically didn’t exist until the Aleppo moment, and then suddenly everyone was talking about him, to drive home the point that he couldn’t be taken seriously.

Jill basically didn’t exist, period.

I’m not endorsing Gary or Jill, even retroactively. I’m just pointing out that this Trump is the victim of the biggest media conspiracy ever narrative is a little tiring, and frankly I don’t believe it – but not because I haven’t noticed biased reporting about him.

Mick, we all know there’s an investigation. We just don’t know what it’s worth because the water is very, very murky. That recent indictment against the Russians that iirc doesn’t implicate Donald at all, is that also a conspiracy against him?

Jared’s family was in legal trouble for some time before the election. (Who revoked his security clearance the other day btw, and why? I didn’t hear the details.)

The Trumps have been in legal trouble many times, going back decades. Yes, RBG did something highly questionable when she spoke out against Donald (and she admitted her mistake soon afterwards), but you can’t say he didn’t start it.

No, no, didn’t you hear? It was all Obama’s fault! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Where’s Jotham when we need him?

And for all those who believe MSM isn’t controlled you’ve obviously not been paying attention to actual News anchors who have quit some Live on the air!

Refresh my memory. :slight_smile:


First Donald is anti-establishment, now Boris is anti-establishment, plus the establishment was anti-Brexit! :roll:

Yes, they were. Both major factions. Boris thought he would lose the referendum but gain street cred, didn’t he?


Media bias fact check "seems’ to have evaluated the Media reasonably well. Maybe it’s a subjective opion but it is pretty clear that there is more Left of centre bias in The USA .
Fox is pretty much the big TV on the right , but vastly outnumbered.
Anyway, it does seem to be a reasonable argument that there is more Left bias in MSM, would you not concur that point. Or do you maintain that the bias is equal across MSM?

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See Also:

Addicting Info
Akkadian Times
All That’s Fab
American Bridge 21st Century
American News X
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Anti-Fascist News
Backed by Fact
Baltimore City Paper
Bay Area Reporter
Being Liberal
Bitch Media
Black Agenda Report
Black Lives Matter
Blue Dot Daily
Blue Nation Review
Boing Boing
Breitbart Unmasked
Bust Magazine
Canadian Dimension
Carbonated TV
Center For American Progress
Center for Media and Democracy (PR Watch)
Certified Politics

Chicago Reader
Chronicles of Democracy
Citizen Critics
Code Pink
Common Dreams
Content News

Crooked Media
Crooks and Liars
Current Affairs Magazine
Curve Magazine
Daily 49er
Daily Beast
Daily Dems
Daily Dot
Daily Kos
Daily Mirror
Daily News Bin
Daily Record (Scotland)
Dallas Voice
Dead State
Deep Left Field

Democracy Guardian
Democracy Now
Democratic Underground
Die Hard Democrat
Dissent Magazine
Drudge Retort
Earth First! Journal
Economy in Crisis
Electronic Intifada
Elisabeth Parker
Elite Daily
Esquire Magazine
Everyday Feminism
Fifth Estate
Filming Cops
First Post
Foreign Policy News
Forward Progressives
FStv (
Global Voices
Globe Today
Good Magazine
GQ Magazine
Grasping Reality with both Hands: Bradford DeLong
Green Left Weekly
Greenville Gazette
Guardian Liberty Voice
Guardians of Democracy
Happy Foxie
Huffington Post (HuffPost)
Impeach Donald Trump
In Defence of Marxism
Independent Reporter (Ir.Net)
Inequality Media
Informed Comment (Juan Cole)
Institute for Policy Studies
In These Times
Intrepid Report
It’s Going Down
Lavender Magazine
Left Action
Left Foot Forward
Left Over Rights
Left Side of History
Left Voice
Left Wing Nation
LGBTQ Nation
Liberal America
Liberal Examiner
Liberals Unite (Samuel Warde)
Liberation News
Little Green Footballs.
Love Knowledge
Mean Left Hook
Media Matters
Merry Jane
Miami New Times
Middle East Monitor
Modern Liberals
Molad The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy
Mother Jones
Move On
Ms. (Magazine)
Nation of Change
New Internationalist
New Politics Magazine
New Republic
New Statesman
New York Magazine
New Yorker
News Corpse
NowThis News
OpEdNews (OEN)
Our Voice NY
Palmer Report
Paste Magazine
Peacock Panache
People for the American Way (PFAW)
People Magazine
PINAC (Photography is not a Crime)
Pink News
Political Dig
Political Updater
Popular Resistance
Pravda Report
Press Progress
Progressive Army
Project Censored
Proud Democrat
Rantt Media
Raw Progressive
Raw Story
Reading the Pictures
Reader Supported News (RSN)
Red Pepper
Red Youth
Reverb Press
Revere Press
Revolution News
Right Wing Watch
Ring of Fire
Scary Mommy
Shadow Proof
Smirking Chimp
Socialist Standard
St. Pete for Peace
Talking Points Memo
The American Independent Institute
The American Prospect
The Blue Route
The Burning Spear
The Canary (UK)
The Climate Reality Project
The Daily Banter
The Daily Buzz
The Daily Vox
The Democratic Hub
The Establishment
The Florida Squeeze
The Frisky
The Fucking News
The Intellectualist
The London Economic
The Mary Sue
The Militant
The Morning Star
The Nation
The National Memo
The New Civil Rights Movement
The Other 98%
The Outline
The Progressive
The Reality-Based Community
The Root
The Source Newpaper (La Source)
The Stern Facts
The Village Voice
The Walrus
The World Can’t Wait
Think Progress
Tribune UK
Truth Against the Machine
Truth Out
US Political Post
US Uncut
Vanity Fair
Verified Politics
Vermont Independent
Viral Title
Washington Journal (Not C-Span)
Washington Monthly
Washington Press
Wear Your Voice
What Matters News
Workers World
World Socialist Web Site
Yes Magazine
Young Turks
Z Magazine

These are reportedly slight left bias Media:

ABC11 Eyewitness News
ABC News
Above the Law
Affinity Magazine
Al Jazeera
Al-Masdar News (AMN)
Al Monitor
Alan Guttmacher Institute
Alaska Dispatch News
Albany Times-Union
Allied Progress
Akron Beacon Journal
AM New York
America Magazine
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Herald Tribune
Anti-Defamation League
American Public Media (APR)
APM Reports
Ara News
Arizona Daily Star
Asheville Citizen-Times
Atlanta Black Star
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlantic Media
Austin American-Statesman
Baltimore Sun
Baptist News Global
Beijing Review
Berkshire Eagle
Birmingham Mail
Bluestem Prairie
Boston Globe
Boy Genius Report (BGR)
Brookings Institute
Buffalo News
Business Insider
Bustle Magazine
Calgary Herald

Carolina Public Press
CBC News
CBS News
CCTV America
Center for International Policy
Center for Popular Democracy
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Charleston Gazette-Mail
Charlotte Observer
Chicago Reporter
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Citizens for Legitimate Government
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
Citizens for Tax Justice
Clean Technica
Columbia Journalism Review (CJR)
Committee to Investigate Russia
Common Cause
Commonwealth Fund
Corporate Presidency
Council for the National Interest
Credo Action

CTV News
Daily Hive
Darien Times
Deadline Hollywood
Deccan Herald
Delaware Online – News Journal
Democracy 21
Democrat and Chronicle
Denver Post
Detroit Free Press
Die Zeit
Dutch Daily News
Dutch Review
DW News (Deutsche Welle)
East Bay Times
Economic Policy Institute
Edmonton Journal
Egyptian Streets
Electronic Frontier Foundation
El Pais
El Paso Times
Emirates 24/7
Empty Wheel
Euromaiden Press
EU Observer
Exposing the Truth

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Fast Company
Feminist Frequency
Foreign Policy in Focus
Fort Worth Weekly
Free Press
Fresno Bee
Gay Star News
Geopolitics Alert
Greensboro News and Record
Greentech Media
Glamour Magazine
Global News
Global Post
Global Risk Insights
Global Times
Governing Magazine
Hartford Courant

Helsinki Times
Hindustan Times
History News Network
Hollywood Reporter
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Houston Chronicle
Human Rights Watch
Hurriyet Daily News
Ice News
If America Knew
Independent Media Center
Indianapolis Star
InsideClimate News
Inside Higher Ed
Inside Philanthropy
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP)
International Business Times
International Center for Research on Women
International Crisis Group
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Journal of Politics and Society
Kansas City Star
Knight Foundation
KMOV-St. Louis
KOKO News 5
Kurdistan 24
La Presse
LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
Latin Times
Lawfare Blog
Law Newz
Left Justified
Lethbridge Herald
Lexington Herald Leader
Liberal Mountain
Maclean’s Magazine
Maine Beacon
Metro UK
Mexico Daily News
Miami HeraldMic
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)
Mint Press News
Monthly Review
Montreal Gazette
Morning Consult
Moscow Times
Muncie Voice
MWC News – Media with Conscience
Naked Capitalism
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)
National Monitor
National Newswatch (Canada)
National Observer (Canada)
National Youth Rights Association
Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resource Governance Institute
NBC News
NC Policy Watch
Need 2 Know
New England Cable News (NECN)
News Channel 4 (
New Europe
New Left Review
New Matilda
New Moderate
New York Daily News
News and Guts
New York Times
OC Weekly
Oil and Water Don’t Mix
Opposing Views
Outside the Beltway
Ozy Media
Pacific Standard Magazine
PanAm Post
PBS News Hour
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Phoenix New Times
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Political Critique
Politics That Work
Population Connection
Portland Press-Herald
Positive News
Press TV
Prospect Magazine
Providence Journal
Public Citizen
Public Radio International (PRI)
Radio Free Asia
Raleigh News & Observer
Real News Network
Religion News Service
Republic World
Reveal – Center for Investigative Journalism
Right Web
Roanoke Times
Rolling Stone
Roosevelt Institute
Sacramento Bee
Salt Lake Tribune
San Antonio Express-News
San Diego Free Press
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Globe
San Jose Mercury News
Santa Barbara Independent
Santa Fe New Mexican
Saudi Gazette
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Times
Second Nexus
Shame Project
Sky News
Sojourners (Soho)
Southern Poverty Law Center
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Spiegel Online
Staten Island Advance
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Stocks News Daily
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Studio News Network
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)
Tablet Magazine
Tax Justice Network
Tax Policy Center
Texas Monthly
The Sun Magazine
Tampa Bay Times
The Age (Australia)
The Automatic Earth
The Baffler
The Budapest Beacon
The Century Foundation
The Christian Left
The Council of Canadians
The Courier-Journal
The Daily Climate
The Daily Tarheel
The Economic Times
The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
The Fifth Column
The Forward
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The Guardian
The Herald (Everett)
The Hill
The Hindu
The Independent
The Intercept
The Interpreter (Magazine)
The Irish Times
The Irrawaddy
The Jerusalem Report
The Journal News
The Local (Norway)
The Monthly (Australia)
The Nation Institute
The New Arab
The News Tribune
The New Tropic
The Observer
The Olympian
The Oslo Times
The Patriot-News
The Plain Dealer
The Pulse
The Record (NJ)
The Saturday Paper
The State
The Stranger
The Sun Magazine
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Tab
The Trace
The Tyee
The Varsity
The Verge
The Virginian Pilot
The Week
The Wilderness Society
The Wire – India
The Zero Hour
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Times Headline
Times of Israel
To Inform is to Influence
Toronto Star
Unicorn Riot
United Federation of Teachers (UFT)
University Business
Urban Institute
US News World Report
Utah Public Radio (UPR)
Vancouver Sun
Vice News
Wall Street on Parade
Washington Blade
Washington Post
WGN News
Windsor Star
Wings Over Scotland
Wired Magazine
World Affairs Journal
World Policy Institute
Yahoo News
York Daily Record
Youth Radio

There are of course Right biased media but not of the size and power of some on the above list, other than Fox/Washington Times/Daily wire/. Or am I missing something here?


Dang, that’s a big copy/paste.
My first thought: Oh no, not Cosmopolitan!!
Next thing it’ll be Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


Oh , so everyone that voted for Trump or Brexit was purely voting against the Establishment…errrr…?That is deplorable.:wink:
However if the Voters disagreed with the “Establishment”, they can vote them out.
Back to the whys and wherefores.( After the Democratic vote that produced a legal result)

"“Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. " Hmmm HRC

" “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don’t break it.” Obama

It is fine to argue your points, as you do , but not as fine to imply that it was purely anti-whatever sentiment. It was a vote.
Seems better to me to at least try and work together for the best now. Hard in opposition, maybe , but there must be Legislation possible that benefits the USA as a whole, surely?



This is totally incorrect, it wasn’t Donald and Hilary until the end. The entire run up was Fox discrediting Donald Trump, they didn’t flip until the very end when it became doubtless he would be the GOP candidate. In fact at the time I didn’t even like Trump but I remembered this clearly because It was right after I checked up on who was funding each candidate and realized it was the same banks backing the GOP and DNC candidates minus Sanders. Fox pushed 100% for all the other Republican candidates till the bitter end. I’m no supporter of Fox news either.

There’s no way a candidate is going to become President unless they first win the DNC or GOP. They must play into that crooked system. Maybe some day this will change but this is why a true third party candidate must work within that system for the time being.

Its not a media conspiracy, its pretty damn obvious and observable. I guess Donna Brazile and Wasserman don’t exist either… Oh well this is getting tiring for me. I wish the same Anti Trump people put up the same or more anger against 8 yrs of Bush/Cheney then your arguments would make some sense. Anyways I’ve put up so many good facts such as how Citibank CEO pretty much picked the Obama cabinet to the person and even Senator Warren has openly called Obama sold out to the Establishment/banks on this. Or that the media is owned only by 6 mega corporations. Well I notice I get no response on these facts… I don’t even really care about Trump that much it could be any other outsider for all I care. But the argument on the other side always comes back to why they hate Trump…all a bunch of triggered people who somehow didn’t feel as Triggered about Bush/Cheney lying to the world to start an Invasion in Iraq, Haliburton, and create a war that’s killed and wounded about 500,000 people… I guess somehow in 1 year the “orange buffoon” has triggered more people with little to NO reason why cause if you look at his Policies and not what the MSM reports they are, they’re quite Centrist and include compromise. But who has time to do that, people just want to vent at someone they perceive as a clown instead of understand facts.
Anyways I’ll leave it to a quote from Mark Twain…

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” - Mark Twain


I’ve noticed even prior to Trump for decades even with past elections…generally people don’t care about facts. They want someone that appears Charismatic or pretends to be progressive over good Policy. Circus and bread for these masses… let them march on Freeways and have their mindless Left/Right wing battles of Antifa vs KKK or Neo Nazis. Its the great dualistic battle of Progress vs Backwardness in their eyes that theyre trying to fight vs an imagined right wing that is trying to bring the world back 50 years all spurned on by the Media. … While the few of us roll our eyes and stand in the middle in sanity and with a peaceful heart and see the balance of it all. Cause all I see from the left now a days is talk about love but a lot of Hate, Divisiveness and Prejudice. The same hate I saw in the Right wing and Fox News during the Bush/Cheney era. That old system is crumbling, the rest of them will catch on to it eventually.

I’m not Buddhist or Religious but the Buddha always taught to walk the Middle path.


This thread trying to pass “Cat of the Day” thread in Replies?



I meant “always” from the moment he was confirmed as the GOP’s candidate, though they had already been paying him plenty of attention before that.


Okay Shia, you inflicted that monster post on us. Prepare to meet your karma! :scream:

In the USA, you say? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

First of all, most of those items are obscure. I tried searching for a few and got results suggesting they don’t even exist now, except as entries in your list.

With names like

Grasping Reality with both Hands: Bradford DeLong
Viral Title

and so on, it’s pretty obvious they’re blogs, not newspapers, news channels, or even news sites in the conventional sense. Anyone can start a blog. It doesn’t prove anything significant about the media landscape. Oh, and it doesn’t qualify as mainstream unless it exhibits characteristics of the mainstream.

There’s another obvious problem. It’s one thing for J. Public to expect objectivity of a newspaper with a name like (Anytown) Times, but it’s another thing when you’re dealing with one of these:

Being Liberal
Deep Left Field
Die Hard Democrat
Green Left Weekly
Impeach Donald Trump
In Defence of Marxism
Left Action
Left Foot Forward
Left Over Rights
Left Side of History
Left Voice
Left Wing Nation
Liberal America
Liberal Examiner
Liberals Unite (Samuel Warde)

and so on…

Also, most of those are probably also blogs.

Now let’s look at some individually.

Bitch Media

Probably biased against cats too! :scream_cat:


Search engine suggestion: remove the second P. Suddenly, it makes sense – GOPocalypse! :bulb:

Happy Foxie

:fox_face: :slight_smile:

Fifth Estate

I assume that’s the American “anarchist periodical” and not the Canadian news show.


Is that also a blog, or just a typo?

Committee to Investigate Russia

Oh, so I don’t even need a full-on blog, just a committee?

Love Knowledge

Is that Stormy’s blog or something?

The F***ing News

Wait, no – that must be Stormy’s blog!

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Paging @Mick!

Wrong country.

Calgary Herald

Wrong country.

CBC News

The first C stands for… wrong country.

CTV News

See preceding entry.

CCTV America

I realize it has “America” in the name, but if CCTV weren’t run by Beijing, it wouldn’t be CCTV, would it?

The Canary (UK)

Wrong country.

Die Zeit


Dutch Daily News
Dutch Review
DW News (Deutsche Welle)

This is getting tedious.

Egyptian Streets

Sounds like a blog, but I’ll assume it’s also the wrong country.

El Pais

No es la right country, comprende?

Emirates 24/7

Pass the hummus, would you?

The London Economic

Is that even the full title?

The Source Newpaper (La Source)

Sounds like it’s either Cajun or… wrong country.

Euromaiden Press
EU Observer

By the end of the day, we should be able to say wrong country in more than 20 languages! :roll:


Wrong pays.


[edit] yes, it’s also a blog. Fine.

Global News

Wrong country, eh?

Global Times




Helsinki Times

Wow, when I started this list, I thought it would be, like, just a few lines…

Hindustan Times

Come again?

Hurriyet Daily News

I know Turkey’s an ally, but still…

International Crisis Group

You’ll have to speak up. I’m eating a waffle!


That’s so wrong, it’s not even a country! (UN)

Kurdistan 24

That was still legally part of Iraq last time I checked.

La Presse

La wrong country!

Latin Times

Wow, you got one right! :rainbow:
(owned by Newsweek)

Lethbridge Herald

Okay, so that was just a blip. Back to the wrong country! :doh:


I thought that was, like, a youtube style site, no?

Maclean’s Magazine

Wrong country.

Metro UK

Wrong country, luv.

Mexico Daily News

I’m fairly confident in saying it’s the wrong country.

Montreal Gazette

Close to NY, but still the wrong country.

Moscow Times

Wrong country, comrade!

National Newswatch (Canada)
National Observer (Canada)


New Europe

Still the wrong country. :unamused:

Saudi Gazette


Very suspicious TLD. :thinking:

Sky News

Several wrong countries to choose from! :rainbow:

Spiegel Online

Seven years bad luck for that one. :doh:

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)


The Age (Australia)

Wrong country, mate.

The Budapest Beacon

Pretty sure that’s also the wrong country.

The Council of Canadians


The Walrus

Wrong country! :wall:

Tribune UK


Canadian Dimension

Is anyone at the wheel? :eek:

Al Jazeera

Who’s in charge here?

Al-Masdar News (AMN)

Now that one is a bit tricky, but apparently it’s based in either the UAE or Lebanon, so either way… wrong country!

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

Note the E.

Beijing Review

I know they say Americans are bad at geography, but this takes the cake. :earth_asia:

Thomson Reuters Foundation

I would have let Thomson Reuters pass, even though it’s Canadian. But TRF is British, and that’s going too far. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Times Headline

Is this actually a thing?

Okay, let’s speed up!

So many wrong countries…

Akkadian Times

Wrong country and millennium! :doh: :doh:

Bottom line:

Of course there’s media bias. But people reporting on media bias… may also be biased.


Right now I have more faith that North Korea will do the right thing compared to the MSM. They are that disgusting.


yyy, I was doing my best to try to show that “most” of the MSM,especially main TV Networks, are biased towards the left.
that also includes the UK by the way, (but not by as large a margin in the printed Press in the UK).
My apologies for printing the whole list, but it served only to show the quantity of bias.
Eliminate many if you wish, but are you arguing that the MSM are equally split along Political lines?
That was my my point.
If you maintain or are implying that is NOT the case, I would have to disagree.
I am sure you can discredit every source …if you really want to .I just thought if you watch every US News channel available in Taiwan for a while, it would be patently obvious . ( Fox being the exception) .

I am sure you can find better examples, but Russian influence ,also evident ,seems to be of MORE of a concern to the Left, than the Corporate manipulation of the MSM and the influence George Soros and others have over political agendas.
It does happen the other way , as in Fox, i accept , but in far less instances.

I appreciate your replies by the way. Always willing to learn new things :wink:


Eliminate many if you wish, but are you arguing that the MSM are equally split along Political lines?

Of course not.

Even if it were theoretically possible, no-one would know how to find the ultimate balance, because people disagree on how to define the theoretical spectrum.

The best we can do is to take everything with salt… and be skeptical of the salt as well. :slight_smile: :2cents:


Second amendment for me but not for thee:

Hypocrisy springs eternal.


Remind us: what are Americans supposed to do if the executive refuses to accept judicial checks on its power?


When Il Douche was bending the Constitution all over the place, people told me to be respectful or something.


Remind me: when did he defy a court order (the scenario described in Suozzi’s speech) or even say the judiciary can’t be trusted because judges are racist (as Donnie has said)?


Seriously? Here’s some quick googling…

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. Gun rights and double standards.


More on what it’s really about:

They have no intention of keeping kids safe. It’s just another excuse to grab guns.