USA and gun control


Yea everyone back then was so quick to throw out the Fourth Amendment with the Patriot Act all for a little false feeling of Security with Red Alerts, Orange Alerts, Yellow Alerts. It also came with secret FISA courts, secret prisons, unlawful arrests of American Citizens… All because of fake security traded out of Fear

I guess the same citizens didn’t fully understand the implications of Lobbying and how it works exactly in Washington DC and why this has been such a bad idea since Nixon. Also why neither the old GOP nor the DNC would ever have passed campaign finance reform no matter how each side pretended to support it.


Well I see every day, more and more people waking up from the lies. It was a shocker to me when I first realized even before Trump what was going on since I love History I had a good understanding of our Government as well and how it became corrupted by money.


I am finding this fascinating, but the Guns part is missing .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’ll the guns don’t even really need to be there if enough citizens understood the influence of a few over the many and each soldier and citizen knew the constitution and what the rights are and how govts can be influenced by lobbying and money from overseas. If representatives wanted to serve the people who voted for them vs lobbying interests and those who fund the lobbyists it would all be a different story… thats not the current state of US politics or World politics but may be someday and we wont need the guns


You mean like the intelligence agencies teaming up with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to create a salacious and unverified dossier shopped simultaneously to the media and used as a means to spy on the Trump campaign (the 2 hop rule allowed them to spy on everyone, digging into their records going back years). Attempting to derail Trump with accusations of being Putin’s puppet and then when they lost leaking details to the press to undermine the duly elected president, doing away with rules between agencies to make sure as many leaks to the press occurred who would obediently assault Trump 24/7. Using it as a basis to create a special council to systematically go after anyone and everyone who dared support someone who was not chosen by the political elite.

Sounds about as American as Grandma’s apple pie to me. No?


It also didn’t hurt that he had the Bush name and was way more photogenic than Kerry. It’s unfortunate that these are the kinds of things that decide elections, but sometimes a random result is the better one.


Its the same reason people watched Jerry Springer… all just a circus show. It takes too much work to understand real policy in depth, history, where we’ve been and where were going. Easier to have CNN sell a war to the masses over chemical weapons. Seems like any respectable News agencies out there would all be asking…where the hell were the Chemical weapons and what does Saddman Hussein have anything to do with 9/11…but hey the same media sure as hell supported Bush and Cheney and led us to war. The same media that few want to question the motives of today… cause the evidence is there…its in money and numbers too much work I guess…Orange Clown Buffoon,racist, sexist,narcissist…and everyone else who thinks otherwise is racist, uneducated, ultra right wing or has a tin foil hat.

Yea thats it…except Im not right wing, Not a Neo nazi (Im Asian) or racist, Not Anti Muslim or against equal rights for Women or LGBT. Im not against Immigration, Im an immigrant to the US myself. But you’ll never see anything but that on the News for people who think maybe we’re not being told the truth…Just KKK to trigger people nonstop. Wonder if any people who actually watch the news about KKK ever wondered to look into facts and statistic of KKK membership today vs 10 years ago, 20, 50 years and how frequent the rallies are today vs 10 yrs ago 20 yrs ago. No one wonders why the media constantly calls his policies anti Immigration instead of Illegal Immigration (Which is tolerated no where else in the world!). I doubt it, circus and bread for the masses and orange clown.

Meanwhile all I see is triggered hate, fear and division from my fellow Left but where was this Level of Anger or more when Bush/Cheney was tearing apart the constitution and leading you to war?? Where was the Anger when Clinton/Wasserman rigged the Primaries? When Donna Brazile handed the Presidential Debate questions to Hilary?? The Hate for The Orange Buffoon Clown is blinding. Its hard when the corp MSM informs your opinions …

And for all those who believe MSM isn’t controlled you’ve obviously not been paying attention to actual News anchors who have quit some Live on the air! And openly telling their disgust at how its not real news. Its been happening for many years and unrelated to anything Trump. Do some research and look into who some of the biggest news anchors on broadcast for decades who you were told “quit” are actually doing now…they never retired.


Very well put. The U.S. needs more immigrants like you.


The foibles of Democracy. Although I think it is the better way to go, it seems to have been so corrupted and manipulated .
Perhaps voters use various criteria to decide on Candidates, as mentioned, personality, media influence, selfishness, but that is the system.
If only we looked at a Manifesto of Policy and a history of previous failures blah blah , but it’s becoming clear that there are less "floating " Voters to be persuaded by reason .

The UK has a very similar problem. Agree with Brexit , or not, there was a Referendum . It was made perfectly clear to all, that it was a “Once in a lifetime” decision.
There are extreme views on both sides, but the “Establishment” believed they would win the day, along with a huge amount of bias from the MSM etc.
As in the USA, with Trump supporters, Brexit voters were accused of being stupid, racist and a myriad of demeaning labels.
It seems to shock , that some Voters may have legitimate reasons to wish to leave the E.U.
They are still fighting to overturn the decision by saying that the Voters were maybe mis-informed and didn’t realise the implications.
The attitude seems to prevail: “My way is so obviously correct, that you must be wrong”.
I don’t like the result, so I will not accept it? Sigh


Yes even with Brexit I could sense what was really going on. The facts are out there in policy and numbers. Meanwhile the MSM was pushing incredibly hard to convince everyone Brexiters were racist, ignorant and uneducated… I have friends from the UK who supported Brexit and are married to Taiwanese… They’re not racist at all and hated how the media spun only that story about people who voted for Brexit as backwards, ignorant, low IQ racists. People have wised up…its all about money and power. The same head that pulls the Left hand pulls the Right hand.

Its nearly impossible to defend a claim of racism, sexism or prejudice they have only need to repeat it daily in the media for it to imprint onto people’s beliefs, then defending against accusations is an uphill battle because these issues automatically trigger people deeply into knee jerk fear reactions and once this aligns with a prejudgment it becomes nearly impossible to change someones POV on the issue even with Facts


I found it fascinating that “Conservative” Cameron was a big Remainer. I guess we have him to thank for Brexit all the same. Or was it all a conspiracy to begin with?


And yes I do find it ironic that even with Brexit, anti Brexiters attacked the People vs Policy. What happened to discussing ideas and reason vs drama and personality attacks… I guess that would be in a mature democracy that may exist some day.


It was a plan to stop any dissent , once and for all. It backfired. Nobody imagined that the UK would actually leave.


Violence with Knives is becoming an issue in London. Now if we only had some way of defending ourselves?:cowboy_hat_face:


This seems to be the consensus, but I’m still finding it kind of hard to believe. I guess I need to stop inferring intelligence where there doesn’t appear to be any though.

It may be time to take a page from Antifa’s playbook and start carrying around shields.


Exactly, cocky bastards thought they could control the narrative through the media failing to account for alternative means of messaging. Same with Hillary, they never thought they would lose.

I for one am patiently waiting for the IG report to come out. Horowitz was stonewalled for years by the Obama administration, prohibited from looking into some departments at all. Thats not how it’s supposed to work, at all.

DOJ/FBI/IRS all carrying out illegal acts, covering up for one and other and their politically corrupt masters who they treat like royalty and must be protected at all costs, no matter how corrupt, greedy and unethical their behavior.


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Updating my current mood, I really dont think you feel this way.


I was probably close to that yesterday. Well past it though!


Finally, someone who gets it! :grinning:

But no, sorry guys, I’m not going to be the meat in a Donald-Oprah sandwich.