USA and gun control


I’m wrong and I can’t understand? That is the left approach every time isn’t it? Don’t you understand this is an empty yet sanctimonious comment with zero capacity to engage or accept your own position may be flawed? You can do better Tempo, up your game.

I have no love for Trump, I have made that exceeding clear over the past two years, I do have particular disdain for systems that think a quick regime change here and there is good for geopolitical business which leads to 100’s of thousands being killed in a civil war and millions of people displaced, lots of them CHILDREN, you claim to care so much about. So how about cutting out your sanctimonious bullshit.

You are entitled to your opinion, I would call it naive. Extremely naive. He has earned more than his fair share of criticism, but to think the media is just reacting normally, you need to find a special place in la la land to believe that.


You’re saying the same kind of things to me, Mick. Deal with it.

Meanwhile the war goes on. Shocking

To each their own. Not much more to say I guess!


Trump is the spanner in the works.

They’re think they’re in fifth gear, but the transmission is busted.


what’s the time record for such a ping pong match that is going on between you two (Mick and tempogain)?


At least we don’t have Hillarys no fly zone idea in place, one of the stupidest fucking ideas of all time.

The level of cognitive dissonance required to not see where the battle lines have been drawn, culturally, socially, legally and legislatively floors me.


Its funny because we can talk about specific issues beyond Trump as he never needed to be in this equation such as Ron Paul, Rand Paul The Real causes of Syrian Wars, Iraq Wars, Afghanistan, War on Drugs and real bills being passed and how politicians on both sides are crooked but in the end people just want identify Left or Right and drama and to talk about Hate for Trump. Oh well, the same mentality that got Bush elected was going to get Clinton elected.


You can vote for Kang or Kodos… back and forth


This may be a record. What irks me isn’t someone with a different opinion, those I can respect. It’s when basic observable phenomena are being denied. It’s like trying to discuss physics and not acknowledging gravity is a thing, or time exists, you don’t have the basic tools for describing and more importantly understanding and creating equations that explain more complex phenomena that exist.


I propose we add @yyy on a third-party ticket.


Its interesting that the laundry list of crimes that George Bush/Cheney did are incredibly long and way worse than anything Trump has done, Most of his bills are Center not Left or Right wing. If people took the time to read the bills and proposals instead of watching Medias hype spin they might realize this and understand the specific issues up for Law. Yet this same media Supported Bush/Cheney and helped sell the world the Invasion of Iraq instead of asking simple, logical questions. And no one stops to think why this same media controlled by 6 corporations is attacking Trump with low ball issues on personality, hearsay and drama instead of a meaningful debate on Policy and now what they say he said…oh well… Russians I guess, circus and bread for the same masses that got lead into the Iraq War and Afghanistan for the Elite.


Take Hollywood for example: for those saying its a conspiracy…No one would have believed that you could keep thousands of people in Hollywood silent for decades including well known actors and actresses and ordinary with bribes, blackmail, physical and legal threats and fear of action on Police until we had Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Corey Feldman…but I guess thats fake news conspiracy for tin foil hat people cause it never happened certainly someone must have leaked in all this time right?..and if they did the media and police would certainly do the right thing …guess not.


We must be looking at different things Mick. Understand that I feel the same way.




Does that count as a quorum? I’m a little hazy about Forumosa electoral rules.


Oh snap, I don’t think he’s eligible.


True in 2016 third party would have been Sanders and Trump. neither was true to the DNC or GOP which is why the DNC sought to destroy Sanders and the GOP tried to destroy Trump early on and all the way till Election Day if anyone cares to remember anymore.

I follow money and specific policy and ideas not what the media circus does with character assassination and people. Thats what got Bush elected… comments like “Kerry is just too quiet, he doesn’t seem Charismatic enough” I am thankful enough Americans have awaken from the dualistic mess we’ve had for decades since Nixon.


To be honest, Kerry would have been a disaster. Worse than Dubya? Thankfully, we’ll never know.


I agree, I don’t like Kerry either, he’s just as bad as W they belong to the same club Kerry/Clintons/Bushes/Obama. My point was more the reason people voted for George W over Kerry was not about his better ideas but more about ,and personality quirks and low ball drama a school yard popularity contest.


Choosing between George W Bush and John Kerry back then was like choosing between Kang and Kodos…but Kang was just cooler, a little dumber more relatable and funnier so he won,.


Correct, a large number of people want to be told what to think and it’s getting worse with Google, Twitter and Facebook all putting the thumbs on the scale, it’s amazing that enough people were there to push back against all this non stop brainwashing that starts in indoctrination into a political bias from elementary schools all the way through to University.

Who no longer want free speech, or apparently the choice to vote for who you want. It seems they want to leave that up to the establishment, who have long determined their allegiance is to big business at the expense of the electorate they are supposed to serve.

Censorship, all ok, so long as it serves your new religion.