USA and gun control


A reminder that the war on private gun ownership is a war on privacy…

Gun porn:

The Internet routes around attempted censorship.

Dicks, indeed:


Oh? So when was the last police station mass shooting? No, these people go for the easy targets.

Completely incorrect. If you’re going to advocate for something, at least get the basic facts right. Do you even know what a machine gun is? How can you say they are readily available when they have been completely banned since the Reagan era?


I think you missed the point.
The SCHOOL shootings were done by STUDENTS against STUDENTS and TEACHERS. Those shooters picked the schools to enact revenge for whatever hurt feelings they had when attending there. It has nothing to do with “soft” targets. Many of the schools had armed resource officers on campus. Did not make a difference about picking targets.

Those STUDENTS did not PICK a POLICE STATION because their beef was not with the POLICE.

Clear now?


It’s clear that you accept that the root causes of these events is the derranged people who perpetrate them and not the tens of millions of law abiding firearms owners. No reason for collective punishment then. Thanks for clarifying.


What on earth are you talking about? What I said had zero to do with collective punishment or stating my stance on gun laws.

I was talking about why SCHOOL shooters pick the targets that they do.

You seem to love to make up things in your own head about what people are saying. A little reading comprehension practice would do you a world of good.

To make it clear for you…

  1. The SCHOOL shooters pick SCHOOLS because they have a BEEF with the SCHOOL or students in the school. NOT because they view them as “easy or soft” targets.

  2. Yes, I believe that the root cause of these events is deranged people. A gun does not walk up to a school on its own and start firing itself. It is an inanimate object.

  3. I believe LESS guns is a good thing. These KIDS get the guns from THEIR HOMES. Exactly ZERO of these shooters got the guns off the so-called black market. If the gun was NOT accessible to the deranged person, then the SHOOTING would NOT have happened. You can argue that other means would have been taken to exact harm, such as bombs, knives, etc. That is another barrel of fish to fry. This right now IS about GUNS and about troubled kids NOT getting the HELP they need.


You’ve migrated from the guns themselves as the problem to a tacit admission that the root causes lie in other areas, thus undermining your central premise. I get that you don’t understand that. Logic is oppression after all. We need sensible thought control legislation.


There you go again babbling on about nonsense.
Where did I ever claim that guns were the root problem?
I never said that. I have also stated on here that mental health is the root problem and that guns just make that problem worse or more dangerous.

Back up your nonsensical claims with direct quotes.


It’s interesting that at least half of sensationalized mass shootings are school shootings.

The other half turn out to be Islamist terrorists or mentally ill running loose with nothing but meds.

But certain people want to blame it all on guns, as if other means of mass murder aren’t available. If they had society’s best interests at heart, they’d be addressing the obvious causes.

Oh, and that Sheriff of Broward County? He was one of those assholes that are creating the problem in the first place. A left wing turd.

The school system is dystopian, but don’t we dare talk about fixing it. The Islamists are infiltrating, but don’t we dare talk about cracking down. The mentally ill are running amok, but don’t we dare talk about locking them up. Instead, we must talk about giving up your guns to people like Sheriff Israel.

Fuck that.


Where’s Jotham when we need someone to remind us which circle of Hell is reserved for those who disrespect men in uniform? :tumble:



Same reason I would care if a neighbor owned a tiger.


I’d actually be much more comfortable with the tiger-loving neighbor than the AR-15-loving neighbor.


Just as a tiger is out of place in suburbia or a flat, an AR was built for combat, not hunting, but making gaspacho out of somebody else. Is it too much to ask that someone should have a license, say some training to own either one? Accidents happen. Extra insurance? If you cannot pay for it, you cannot own it. You want a gun, there are many other choices.

I mean, the circuloar argument goes: owning guns equals fredom, we have teh freedom to preserve our freedom by getting rid of teh government. Now, why do they want to get rid of teh government? Bceaus ethey want to take away their guns which amounts to taking away their freedom to do as they please. Now, how many times have they used guns to take over a dictatorship in teh US? Ther have been how many assasinated presidents, but toppling dictatorships…only abroad. Oh, and several democratic elected but communist leaning pinkos.



Actually, bulletproof backpacks became best sellers after latest incidents.

Igloo like panic rooms in each classroom too.



Oh, well if some guy (named “Sultan Knish”?) says it on his blog, I guess it must be true.


He gets a number of facts straight in fairness. Here’s a version without the dark insinuations, leading questions, and desire to push 2,000,000 ordinary involved people out of the equation.


Yeah, as soon as celebrities get involved, everyone automatically loses legitimacy. Next thing you know they’ll be saying they’re bigger than Jesus! :astonished:


Worked on one of his gigs, put up all the rigging and he made sure we couldn’t get within 100 meters of him, like we care. The only other person to do that was Madona.