USA Social Security Question

I am recently getting my SS from the states. I do not work or do I have any income. I recently married here in Taiwan.

Does what my wife makes at her job affect my SS benefits? I am 65.

We were married here in Taiwan not in USA. She has duel citizenshipo and has 2 kids from previous marriage.

In dealing witrh SS they want to know everything about your life and basically want to know anything that changes money wise like if you are working here.

Any SS experts here?

i’m not an expert but i have been helping a relative with SS retirement benefits, i found that there is an organization in Taipei that helps U.S. citizens with SS benefits, here is the link Good luck.


I am a dual citizen. I lived the first 27 years in Taiwan, and the next 27 years in US. Still in US now. I have been contributing SS thru my work the while time. My wife’s situation is exactly the same as mine and she has also been contributing to her account. My earnings are in my account and hers in hers. Each year, we receive our own statement and no reason to believe that spousal earnings would affect the SS income for retirees, though I have not reached the age to withdraw SS yet.

The one information that I do know is that if you have been married for more than 10 years, you spouse can inherit your SS income when you pass. Also, when she reaches as early as 62, she can begin receiving SS spousal benefit if her own SS income would be smaller that 1/2 of your SS income, meaning she can receive 1/2 of the amount you receive, without any reduction of your amount. So, you both would receive total 150% payment. This is one of things that I found Uncle Sam being generous to married couples.

For more information, please read IRS website: