USA Visitor Visa

So, I’m planning to move out to Taiwan in June of next year.

I have a really good friend in Taiwan I’ve been getting to know. He wants to come here to the states to visit me and see the sights. I’m a college student, don’t really live in a “sight-seeing” city or anything. And he says that getting a visitor visa is difficult.

Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge with this? I’m wondering if there are any tips of what he should do / say at the interview when he applies.

Thanks for any insight~ :sunglasses:

according to a friend of mine who works at AIT and used to be a visa officer “98 percent of visitors visas are approved for Taiwanese”. Shouldn’t be hard at all if he has a family with jobs, a job himself and or is a student.

Do you know if the max stay with a visitor’s visa is 6 months? Or is it 3 months?

it is 3 months.

My SO and I went to AIT when she wanted to go to the U.S. and visit my family. As soon as AIT found out that I was staying and she was going, alarms went off. We spent about 1/2 hour trying to get them to understand. She finally got the visa but I don’t think it wise to mentions friends living in the U.S. Simply going for sightseeing seems to be the best stated reason, which is actually true.

It would be in your friend’s best interest to bring proof of ties to Taiwan and provide them if asked.

It would also be in your friend’s interest to have a firm departure and return date (dates can always be changed if your friend plans on leaving earlier or later whilst in the USA).

Proof of ties include but are not limited to:
-pay stubs
-utility bills in your friend’s name
-rental/lease contract
-open and existing bank accounts
-proof of employment or education
-letter from employer/school stating your friend is taking a few weeks’ vacation

I hear it’s pretty easy for Taiwanese to get visitor’s visa to the USA.