Usb 2.0

I have Win98SE, and a wireless network running. But the USB device that allows me to connect keeps disappearing.

The only way I can get to reconnect to the network is by reinstalling an old partition over the current one, thereby having to reinstall the a lot of the system changes…

It’'s the second time, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I tried reinstalling the drivers. Delete old drivers. Delete any leftover garbage. Reboot. Reinstall software and drivers. Reboot. Still didn’t work.

It was weird, too. The connection just stopped working right in the middle of a download. No reason.

Ideas? And please don’t mention Linux or Apple!


Widows XP? :wink:

I didn’t do a lot of USBing with 98, so my skills are lacking. One thing you could think about getting is one of those Wireless Access Point/Ethernet Adapters. It’s a little wireless box you plug into a wall jack, then you plug your computer into the box (via the computers network card). I’m not sure if that’d end up being more trouble or less though.

Doing a Goggle search using, windows 98se usb problems (no quotes “”), brought up a lot of possible solutions. I hope one of them can work for you (assuming no one posts the magic bullet).

Are you sure your USB wireless device is working in Windows 98 ? Have install USB driver & Wireless Adapter driver ?

In windows 98, many devices have to driven them to work manually.

More information of your computer, more possible to fix it.

is it really usb 2.0?
does the network device get its power through usb?
is your usb port high powered?