USB Bicycle Lights

How long does a standard USB bicycle light last? Like a day or week or month?

And do you normally remove it each time and carry it into the house each time it needs to charge?

I’m not sure I’m ready to take up the pain of having yet another device to try to keep recharged.

I bought some new bicycle lights with replaceable battery recently but the shop seemed overstocked with a big variety of USB bicycle lights.

Why not dynamo hubs or whatever? That way your bike always has light as long as it moves.

Most are leds, so they should at the minimum hold a charge of a week to a month. They are also dirt cheap enough to leave it on your bike.

Edit: battery life depends on how far you are traveling with your bike.

Depends on how you use them, I get around 6hrs from my front one on the brightest setting and 12 hrs on the least. I usually clock 4 hrs /wk (non L3) riding at night so charge them weekly.

If I do a 120k night ride then I always bring 2 front and 2 rears.

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Doesn’t the packaging tell you?