USD 200-300 for a place to live?

Greetings all,

I have read as few articles on apt’s in Taipei, but I am wondering if I can get in a decent place for $200-300USD a month. I will be trying to live close to NTU if possible. I guess my biggest fear is having to live in a less than decent place for the amount I am budgeting. Any ideas?



for that price you will most likely get a room in a shared appartment. I think single rooms for that price are a lot less likely. 300 usd should get you a nice room in a decent place though

If you go south of NTU on the MRT, it’ll be a lot cheaper.

I just found a place yesterday which is about 2 mins from DingXi Station in YongHe. The price is 9,500NT, including utilities, and the quality is quite high. Its a studio apartment with quite a bit of space. There’s a nice foyer in the entrance, providing additional room. It’s furnished and includes extra goodies like a new fridge and micro. I think YongHe is a really great location for the money. You get more bang for your buck and it’s extremely close to Taipei City. It’s an 8-10 minute scooter ride to Guting Station. If you want to get more for your money, you might want to check out some of the areas that border Taipei City. Pretty close to the same convenience, and you’ll get more for your dollar.

YongHe is good. You have the night market. Walk 2 min (at least from the location specified above) and onto the MRT and off at GuTIng in 6-7 mins.

Cheap cab ride once your plastered too from the Shi-Da area.

but there is something to be said to be in the thick of things in Shi-Da or Sogo etc.