Used or cheap dog kennel for air transport

I am looking to buy a dog kennel to transport my dog by airplane to Canada.

I am flying with United Airlines. From what I have read they have a good reputation with transporting pets as checked baggage.

The requirements for the kennel are here,3224,1049,00.html

The fastening mechanism for attatching the kennel together has to be screws. Many kennels have clips or twist locks.

Does anyone know where I can buy preferably a second hand or inexpensive one? I don’t want to spend a lot cause I will probably only be using it once. I have seen a few on the internet priced at around NT7000

My dog is large. 100cm long. 80cm tall when sitting (Head height). 70cm tall when standing (Head height). And he weighs about 25kg’s or so.

That is about the size of an average Labrador Retreiver.

Information on where to find a kennel as well as any advice from experienced people would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for cross posting but I am in a bit of a rush. I fly on September the 16th.

Here are pictures of what I mean


Not acceptable

Searching online in Chinese, the best I’ve come up with so far are these: … =b49643660

The first of those looks well built and looks like it’s designed for air travel, but I can’t tell if it has screws. The second one looks like the latches might disqualify it. I also recommend you PM some of the dog rescuers here if they don’t respond to this within a few days, as they may have some leads (no pun intended).

I use the Ferplast model, but they have clips and not screws holding the two halves together.

You should try Doggie House, on JiuTzong Rd, near Costco, in Neihu. They seem to have the biggest ones available.