Useful Mandarin phrase resources

I tried to do a search on this topic, but came up with no results. I came across this site and would like to know if it is OK for foreigners in Taiwan to use.

I gave it a quick once-over.
The phrases that the site presented are mainland Chinese, but most phrases are useful in Taiwan.

Most of them can be used in Taiwan.

[I’]m eating candy. Chī táng ne. 吃糖呢。
we always use “ne” in a question sentence.
Like:人呢? 小明在哪呢?
and some are not question sentences.

Can [I] get through? (borrow-light) Jièguāng, jièguāng. 借光,借光。
It is rare to say so in Taiwan.
Sister Jiang, sister Jiang, good sister Jiang, Jiāng jiě, Jiāng jiě, hǎo Jiāng jiě, 江姐,江姐,好江姐,
Rhyme-4.1 You are the people’s good sister Jiang; Nǐ shì rénmín de hǎo Jiāng jiě. 你是人民的好江姐。
Rhyme-4.1 Traitor, traitor, Fu Zhigao, Pàntú, pàntú, Fù Zhìgāo, 叛徒,叛徒,傅志高,
Rhyme-4.1 you are the people’s great ‘straw bundle.’ nǐ shì rénmín de dà cǎobāo. 你是人民的大草包。
These should be used in China.
I never know these.
And there are some typos and different writing,I think.
can [you] understand tīngdedǒng得懂
We write it as “得懂”
And 場上…場上

I think it should be 課.

Thanks for taking the time to go through that list guys. :bravo: