Using Coinbase in Taiwan and Canada?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of question.

I spend time in Taiwan and Canada, and I’m looking for a crypto exchange that services both countries. The Coinbase guide says you can’t sell if you’re in Taiwan, but you can if you’re in Canada. So is it theoretically possible to buy while here in Taiwan, and cash out into my Canadian bank account in the future, after changing my address on Coinbase?


I don’t see why not. However I have no specific knowledge on this.

No matter what you can always very easily move around your funds at a very low cost and sell them wherever you are. Any tax obligations on you to figure out . Many if not all will need KYC.

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My personal experience was I had an issue with coinbase while here (difficulty proving residence) and when I finally got through they use another 3rd party to do all the transactions. It was just too much of a hassle so I went with Kraken (works for buying and selling here and in the states- transacts in euros) and I’m happy with it.

Not the specific answer you were seeking but that’s just my .0000002 BTC


+1 for Kraken, they are pretty good


Thanks. Originally I backed out of Kraken because their confirmation email was taking hours, and I started reading the horror stories in their support page on reddit. But the more I look around the more people vouch for it. May give it another shot.

For anyone interested, BitoEx seems not bad (Taiwan based exchange that has a decent English option), but they have a three tiered registration system that is proving pretty tedious. Ah well… maybe by the time they actually figure out how to enter a foreigners name I’ll be perfectly positioned to snipe the dip. :sweat_smile: