Using Facebook marketplace in Taiwan

I’ve successfully figured out how to use Ruten and Shoppee to order stuff via 7-11 and I have done the post office payment thing before with no problems.

I recently saw a musical instrument on facebook marketplace someone from central Taiwan is selling. He said he likes facebook better than shoppee because there’s no fee if you pay through the post office.

What’s the risk to me on this vs ruten/shoppee? My sense is folk are fairly honest. It’s a junky old instrument and I trust him to send it. Just curious if anyone else has done this. It’s extra steps over paying at 7-11 obviously and I don’t know what you’d do if the person just never ships it.

I remember seeing some stories of facebook marketplace transactions gone bad somewhere on Forumosa. Try searching for it.

Interesting… I looked and found someone who bought a scooter or something with issues. I think it would be around 7000 to buy, so a real loss, but not mega-mega-bucks. Will think about it.

Total. You don’t know any previous buyer’s experience and his own FB name may be fake. Facebook Marketplace sales should be done in person. The seller can use Black Cat or another courier who uses COD. You can offer to bear the extra cost.


I use Facebook marketplace more than Shopee or Ruten. However, for high level transactions I usually arrange to meet in person, to avoid any headache.

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This is a good idea, I’ll suggest COD. Thanks for the help! He seems honest, but he also has nine million posts that no one likes and lives in the middle of nowhere. I probably could just send him the money, but I wouldn’t mind spending a little more for a more secure outcome.

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This is how awesome Taiwan is–the seller’s going to ship to me and then I pay him at a bank on delivery (he couldn’t get COD to work). Super grateful for folks’ friendliness and trust.

That is my headache.

I’m not sure why COD wouldn’t work. Maybe he’s just too lazy to figure it out and doesn’t much care. Good result anyway.