Using iPhone to go online with notebook

Looking to save some money, I was thinking of cancelling my ADSL account and using my iPhone’s Internet to go online with my notebook.
I understand I need to first attach the two beasts together, then… not much happens. Anyone know the steps to set it up?
Is this a stupid idea, or does it have a chance of actually working (and saving me a chunk o’ change every month)? Is it worth it?
Does anyone do this?

It should work in theory. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Make sure you have an unlimited data plan on your phone.
  2. Your mobile 3G connection will be slower than your ADSL connection, so downloads may take longer.
  3. Your phone will need to be plugged in when doing this for extended periods, as it will use up battery life quickly.
  4. You can link the two using USB or via bluetooth. USB would make sense since that would keep the phone charged.

In your iPhone, go to the Settings / General / Network screen and turn on Internet tethering. You should then see some tethering indication when you plug your phone into your computer.

Install iTunes on the computer
Connect using the USB cable
On the iPhone go to Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering
Switch tethering on and select USB only
Wait for the PC to do its thing for a few seconds
Start surfing

Speeds should be about the same as a 2Mb cable/ADSL, i.e. as slow as the most basic Internet package available, and due to the nature of cellular data and possible traffic shaping you might have problems with certain streaming services, eg, Skype, webcam, gaming…

Also expect your iPhone to run hot, and for the battery to die sooner because of the constant high load.

And don’t expect to get away with slamming 100GB+ a month on bittorrent before your telco (quite rightly IMO) kicks you off for unfair usage.

We’re actually extremely lucky in Taiwan that the NCC has barred telcos from instilling data caps on our internet, or filtering services, and they don’t charge an extra fee each month for tethering. If people start doing what you are thinking then we will have to deal with such bullshit too.

If you’re in Taipei you’ll be better off paying a couple $100 a month for WiFly or WiMAX, or if you can’t get a signal in your house, why not make an arrangement with your neighbour on the floor above/below and sling a 20m Cat5 out the window hooked up to a cheap switch in his apartment. We used to do that for our cable TV.

Thanks Adam and Rik. I really apprecieate your suggestions , steps, and cautions. It looks like I am going to stick with ADSL.

TAiwan and the rest of the World has come a long ways.

I remember in 97 paying bout 8000nt a month with Hinet for just 56k dial up internet access. One had to pay the long distance fone charges as well as the internet charges and it all adds up fast.

Now I think u guys get ADSL for what? A couple hundred Taiwan dollars a month? FOr unlimited access?

Here in Calif I am paying bout 50 bucks American a month for basic DSL internet access (half for the fone and half for the net access, but you gotta have the land line to get the dsl)>