Using NHI card, or driving license for domestic flights

I recently flew a domestic flight, departing from Tainan, with Uni Air, I checked in with my ARC which was no problem, but I asked the lady at the counter if it would be possible with just my health insurance card, to which she replied no. I didn’t ask her about checking in with a driving license, but I can imagine it would have been a similar answer. This goes against what people have told me in the past, including on this forum, one guy even said a signed letter from someone who knows you would suffice, which I highly doubt. Does each airline chose what they will accept, are there laws on this?

You asked one person.

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Which is why I’m asking here if anyone else has had success using an NHI card or driving license…

This Taiwan Government website is clear but not clear.

“Personal identification is required when checking in for flights. (ID for Taiwan citizens, passports for foreigners.)”

“When checking in at the airport, please bring a valid ID (Taiwanese citizens, please show your national identity card; foreigners, please present your passport).”

Songshan airport website no help.

Theoretically flying a domestic should be the same ID requirements as a train. If you can convince them that you are you, then should work.

I’ve always just carried my passport for the hell of it.