Using passport for taxes

I’ve recently been hired by a large Taiwanese company (not a school) to record online English classes in their office and do some editing. They told me they don’t want to give me a work permit for another month or so because everything is still in trial. After a month they will get me a work permit or so they say.

This week they just asked me to make a copy of my passport for them to apply for taxes. They will claim that I am teaching and editing from abroad. They said this will not be a problem because the labor and immigration divisions of the government here don’t communicate together. This sounds very, very fishy to me, but they are a big successful company and I find it hard to believe that they would be willing to do anything illegal. Something tells me I’m being naive.

So, has anyone else done anything like this or is it totally illegal? I asked one of the company’s accountants and his response was, “it’s legal for our company, but I’m not sure about you.” :unamused: For what it’s worth I already have an ARC with another school and will have an APRC by the end of the year.

You won’t have an APRC if there’s a record of you working for a company you don’t have a work permit for. And the NIA does check.