Vacation plans gone badly awry

I think you should just go out right now and bomb Canada. All of it, except that little bit where Vanessa is, and that little old fishing cabin up on Lake Huron.

And remove the maple leaf from your back pack. That’ll show 'em. :raspberry:

Will be thinking about you guys until we have news on Thursday noon.

Yeah, good luck. Half the vacation’s gone as it is, so I hope the rest is better.

Maoman, if it makes you feel any better, you are not the only one to have this happen; many years ago, we suffered a similar mishap, only that time, it was MY passport that was expired…well, it is now the family joke, and I pride myself in enriching my kid’s life …no permanent damage done, really.

[quote=“Maoman”]Thanks, everyone. We have confirmed seats on Thursday evening’s flight (thanks again, WHOSE Travel), but because the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei only received the release form from my wife this morning (someone in either Passport Canada, Ontario or the CTOT screwed it up the first time around), they only sent out the request to Ottawa for permission to issue a temporary passport this morning! It’s happened before that they’ve issued it within a day, and we do have two days to get it done, and they have marked it URGENT, but if we don’t get it by Thursday noon, the vacation’s off altogether. I’m really, really, really hoping that that doesn’t happen, but I’ve had my hopes dashed so many times this past week that I really don’t dare to be optimistic. :frowning:

Fingers crossed![/quote]
Ok, we picked up Trudi’s temporary passport today, so that’s a relief. Still, I’m not going to breathe easy until we’re on the plane. I never thought I’d be looking forward to sharing a 15 hour flight with a three year old before! :laughing:

Thanks very much, everyone, for your well wishes and your sympathy. It was very much appreciated. :notworthy:

Yeah! Great news!

Excellent to hear. :slight_smile: Enjoy the time you do have there. I’ll try and keep the Mod Squad in check until you get back.

[quote=“ThreadKiller”]I’ll try and keep the Mod Squad in check until you get back.[/quote] :thumbsup:

I think you’ll be fine. :slight_smile: Enjoy what’s left of your holiday.

Your kids have a great dad. This was just a little oversight, it happens to everyone. You handled the whole ordeal with panache, and I’m sure Trudi will have only happy memories of time spent with Dad and the reunion with Mom and Sister. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Way to go!!! :bravo: Enjoy the 2d half of your vacation.

Great news! I hope you have a blast with your folks, Maoman. This will be a memorable trip in many ways, I’m sure.

You’re not a bad person. :neutral:

I mean, just cuz ya screw up all the time, that doesn’t make ya a bad person.

Have a good, safe trip.

Happy news!

Have a great time listening to the loons, sipping some Sleeman’s/Creemore Springs/Moosehead straight from the icebox, chillaxin’ in the Muskokas.
Damn, I miss that!

Send some pics.

This is EXACTLY why I would never let you adopt me.

That’s too bad, SD. You’re missing out on some quality snuggling. :sunglasses:

Waiting to board now. Looks like we get a vacation after all!

You guys be good, ok? irishstu’s in charge until I get back. :slight_smile:


You guys be good, ok? irishstu’s in charge until I get back. :slight_smile:[/quote]
Will he punish me if I am naughty??? :discodance: