Vaccination record in NHI app

Currently for foreign residents the vaccination records are not shown in NHI app.
I have received my 2nd AstraZeneca vaccination last Friday and this is how it looks:

I use new ID format on APRC and NHI card. Not sure yet if same issue exists for old format.

Someone who contacted NHI was told they have to enter the data by hand and have big backlog… :sideeye:



As a data point, I’m fully vaccinated and NHI app shows correct records for me … but for a while it did not show anything. Didn’t show 1st vaccine before I’d had the 2nd dose, for sure. Would have been a week since I’d checked & two weeks since the 2nd dose before I noticed the update.

(For those playing at home, I’m not an ARC/APRC holder, so there could be more severe issues with those … just sharing as a data point.)


Yeah yeah keep bragging. :wink:



I made it smaller, so it’s more like fine print! Y’all know that I’m still fighting hard for these ID issues even though they don’t affect me anymore :slight_smile:


The work you do is always appreciated. We will win and we will join you.

One of you… one of you… one of you…


Thanks for your input. I will check it from time to time and post here in case it changes.

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Almost three weeks after my 2nd vaccine shot and no entry in NHI app about covid19 vaccination. I use new ID format on APRC and NHI card.

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They are not fixed their system yet.

At present, the CDC is unable to send the vaccination information of the new system number. The CDC is now revising the system. In the future, if you re-register with the new health insurance card and log in to the “Healthcare Autotoll” APP, you can query the vaccination data of the old and new system numbers. 7/15


I went to the hospital where they gave me the first vaccine shot. A doctor took a picture of my vaccination card and promised me to look into how they can update it.
After a few months it finally appeared in my NHI app.

Similar case:

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