Valentine's Day -- Thailand?


I’m thinking about traveling to Thailand with my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Is going to Bangkok a worth while trip? Or should I consider other options such as Asia.


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Bangkok is a great place to take your girlfriend. Cheap airfare, hotel rooms in all price ranges.
Tons of stuff to do, temples, grand palace, markets. My girlfriend absolutely loves Thailand. I think the street food vendors and the amount and variety of food available 24hrs/day is the main reason she loves it :slight_smile:

When’s valentine’s day? Weather can be hot as a bastard in Bangkok.

Not sure what the deals are like from Taiwan but in the off-season (outside of Nov to Feb), you can pick up great packages for two for two or three nights in Bangkok including hotel cheaper than the flights alone. The hotels are all top draws.

BKK is a magic city, but then, my SO’s Thai.