VB Training


Does anyone know of someone that can do Visual Basic training in ENGLISH. MY Mandarin sucks so all the local schools that i can find are out.

I would need to start at a really basic level and have no real programming experience, so this is not a job for the faint hearted.

If you know of anyone then get them to send me a mail in the first instance to



I don’t know about English, but I’d be willing to take a course like that in Mandarin with you and interpret for you. I’d like to learn VB from the ground up, too.



VB is pretty easy to pick up on your own to a basic level, and if you’ve ever programmed before it’s a doddle. Get one of the “… For Dummies” books, y’know the yellow and black ones(?), and you’ll be programming in no time. Lots of web resources out there as well.