Very slow cyclists

How do those old ladies on bicycles manage to cycle so slowly? I can pass them easily on ubike on the first gear with minimal efforts and I can actually walk faster than them.

How are they able to maintain control at such low speeds? They are slow enough to be annoying and dangerous.


Wait a few decades and you will understand. Knowledge and experience comes with time.

Congratulations. We have a medal for you. Please come to pick it up, but not too fast, we need time to open the box.

Because they can ride.


I was half expecting something about the riverside, but…is this an actual question?

It’s the low center of gravity of that granny style bike. I had one. Can almost sit still.

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Slack steering head angle

I don’t mind the slow a-mas per se. I do mind when they gawk in their neighbour’s front window wall as they’re riding and veer in that direction without notice. This is a handy thing to shout; zuǒbiān de jiějiě.

That’s the problem I see. Erratic riders and drivers, but this happens with all vehicles, not just bicycles. And it’s a pain in the ass.

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Me too. The slow cyclists on the riverside paths don’t seem too bad. The people stopping to take pictures scare me, as do the runners or walkers in the middle of the pathway since you’re not sure if they’ll make a sudden move when you pass them.

As for slow cyclists on normal roads, I never even noticed them. I guess I don’t drive enough on city roads to know.

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There’s not enough cyclists to be a noticeable issue on the roads. A lot of them cycle on pavements when they can .

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the danger is they are slow so you go around them, and you never know if they will move to the side suddenly

This is a weird thing to shout. :thinking:

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Not if they snap out of whatever money dream stupor they are in and take notice of their surroundings it isn’t. thumbs up emoticon

Pass them slowly, if you’re going (too) fast, you have less time to react.

Even though I agree that they should be more aware of their surroundings, that change is not going to happen overnight.

So imagine if they are not only erratic but fast. I’d rather have erratic slow mofos around than fast erratic ones.

A lot of drivers are erratic and very fast.

Either way, too slow or too fast is just as dangerous.

I’m amazed when I see the uncles driving a scooter slower than I can walk and somehow maintaining their balance. All with one hand while checking their phone.

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Or one guy with one hand on an umbrella (it’s raining), the other hand on a cell phone. I wonder how he steer the scooter? With the force?

That’s why they have the random extra wheel bolted on.

Edit: bad spelling due to being half asleep

They might not be safe. They might not be logical. They might even be half way over the top. But you gotta recognize skill when you see it. In all its magnificent forms.