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I’m going to get my dog spayed soon. Hopefully this weekend. Can anyone recommend a vet? The only animal hospitals I seem to be able to find are the ones that are in pet stores. I do not trust them! I’m also a very parnoid dog owner. My dog is my baby! I want the very best care for her. Thanks

Good vets don’t exist in Jhongli. Take the dog to Taoyuan! Here’s the contact information for a couple of the more respectable clinics.

Da An
256 Yong An Rd.
Tel 333-5723.

Jih An
24 Samin Rd. Sec. 1.
Tel 333-5025.

Hi everyone,

I am glad we finally have an Animals Forum. We are compiling a list of vets in Taiwan. I hope you share the names of good vets who speak Chinese, English, or both here.

I take both my cats to:
台欣動物醫院 (Tai Shing Animal Hospital)
台北市松山區健康路187號 (187 Jian Kang Road in Sung Shan District)
(02) 2528-5119
Speaks very minimal English

Jian Kang Road is the road between Nanjing East Road Section 5 and Min Sheng East Road Section 5. The closest big name cross street is Guang Fu North Road.

Dr 邱 (Chiou) is the owner/doctor and his wife is the assistant. They are very knowledgeable and patient. The little tiny clinic is clean, bright, and cozy. I have left both my cats there for a week on two separate occasions. For boarding, they charge $200/night per cat.

Dr Chiou has on one occasion offered me a free check up on a 3 week old kitten I found. He also didn’t charge me when I brought my cat in for a minor problem and he had to take a sample from her bum. I always see him spray down the examination table and scale with a disinfectant after every customer. Not every vet does this.

They have two resident cats there as well.

Yang Ming Veterinary Hospital
1-6 Tien-Mou East Rd., Taipei
Tel.: (02)2872-6911

Yang Dongshang DVM

This is the same clinic that Mina Sharpe worked with when she set up her Taipei Abandoned Animal Rescue Foundation (TAARF). A great group of staff who really care about pets and animals. My own experience with them recently involved a senior abondoned Cocker Spaniel I rescued in which they successfully performed a very complicated operation. They didn’t even charge me the full price for that op. So as far as Taipei goes, these guys are hard to beat. They are skilled, kind-hearted and experienced. They also have good English-speaking ability.

I don’t know if this vet speaks particularly good English or not, but he does deal with animals other than dogs and cats. I took my hamster there to get her teeth clipped (until I worked I can do it myself with cat nail clippers). And it’s very clean inside, feels hygenic unlike most vets.

It’s on Roosevelt road, right outside exit 1 of Guting MRT

What follows is a summary of all the vets recommended in the past on Forumosa. I hope we can add to the details here (if anyone knows missing addresses, phone numbers etc, please post and I’ll edit them in) and please post up any more vets you know of that have one or more of the following qualities:

  1. Professional - do a great job
  2. Care for animals and often have some up for adoption
  3. Speak reasonable English.

[quote=“Maoman”]Manhattan Animal Hospital on the north side of Civil Blvd. between Dunhua and Fuxing is pretty good. Doc’s name is David Tan - he’s a good guy.

曼哈頓動物醫院Manhattan Vet. Hospital
台北市市民大道四段77號TEL: 2781-5203
#77 Civil Boulevard Section 4

Same as this?:

[quote]The vet is a decent guy and has helped me out a lot recently. He gets a lot of dogs and cats dumped at his doorstep early in the morning, and sometimes he just can’t keep them for too long at his practice and he ends up having to take them to a shelter. I want to help the guy out and let readers know whenever he has animals which require new homes.He speaks basic English and you can visit his practice at Minsheng east Rd section 5, number 63.
Tel no: (02)2760-7639 -Dr Lin[/quote]

This one gets a lot of recommendations for a very high standard of care. They are a bit costly though, and are perhaps so thorough that you will end up paying for a lot more than you intended:

[quote]Cardiospecialist Veterinary Hospital
No. 34-1 Heping East road Section 2
Telephone 23633016
Dr. Hong of Cardiospecialist Veterinary Hospital has been taking care of my four dogs for almost five years now. He is American trained and is very competent. I recommend him highly. He is very busy, so be sure to make an appointment.[/quote]

[quote]They’re located at an animal hospital on Academia Sinica Road, Section 1, Number 72. Your best bet is to take the MRT to Kunyang Station, and then take a taxi from there. Here’s the address in Chinese:
中研動物醫院 / 楊醫師 02-2651-2100

Here was some advice for Zhongli/Taoyuan

An unchecked reference for a place that’s good for birds:

There is a place called Fan’ersai 凡爾賽 - which is Chinese for Versailles. It’s on the North side of Minzu Road between Chengde and Zhongshan North Roads, close to the Danshui line of the MRT. Nearest MRT stop: Yuanshan. This information was given to me by Mr. Chen Shuzheng, proprietor of the Dafeng Bird Shop 大豐鳥園 at No. 58, Sec. 3, Heping West Road, Wanhua District, Taibei. [/quote]


BFM, I had bad experiences with both cats and dogs at that Guting vet. We left out dog there for four nights once and she came back with screwed up pads from standing in her own piss, plus, she was covered with fleas.
He spayed one of our cats, who almost died. When we took her to another vet, he opened her up and discovered that the moron had left a swab in there that had caused a massive infection.
Maybe they’re better now, but I doubt it – I remember Alien also had cat problems with the guy.


Are you talking about a vet’s around Guting, or the “Guting Animal Hospital” near exit 2 of the Guting MRT station?

I found the “Guting Animal Hospital” just great. The vets have all taken good care of the various animals I have had. They pick up stray animals and care for them until they can find homes. Their grooming service is reasonably priced and they treat the “customers” very kindly. My dogs have stayed there at various times and have always come back clean, healthy, and happy. They apparantly deal with all pets except birds.

If the places we are talking about are different, then I will recommend this one:
Guting Animal Hospital.
Rooselvelt Rd, Sec. 2, No. 138
Tel: 23693373/23672113

The one I’m talking about is on Roosevelt Rd., just past the MRT exit that is on the opposite side of Roosevelt Rd from the Starbucks on the corner.

The Cardiospecialist listed up there is excellent, but they do seem to upsell. Because of this, we only go there for serious matters or when other vets just guess the problem incorrectly. They like to do bood tests, urine tests, allergy tests, etc. here.

All speak good English, and I believe it’s where many vets intern after graduating from veterinary college.

There’s an excellent vet just off Fuxing S. Rd, nr. Heping. I think Eric has the details, but they brought my Foxie back from the brink of death after her acid attack and an advanced stage of heartworm combined.

The vet on the east side of ChungShan N. Rd sec. 6 (across from the old Wow-wow vegeburger place) and up past Subway is not one of my favourites. Charged me waaaaaay more than he needed to for a rescued stray puppy, and she managed to deteriorate in his care. He knew she had scabies, but left her to scratch a hole in her own back. But, in his defense, he did save her life after she was hit by a car.

Kangfu Animal Hospital near the corner of Fuxing and Heping. The address is

Kangfu Animal Hospital
Ruian Street, Lane 135, #23

This is where I have been taking my dog for years now since it is not too far from home and they have taken really good care of him. They have been around a while so it is not a big fancy place, but the vets (two guys who graduated from NTU) are very experienced and friendly. Their English language ability is ma ma hoo hoo so it would be best to have someone who can speak Chinese with you if you are concerned about that.

Also, they will look after your pet if you are away and can’t find anyone to look after it. It will be stuck in a cage but at least they take it for two walks/day.

That’s where the perfect cat gets her shots as well.

It’s a bit hard to find, though (edited after having been there on Sat):
Driving Heping from Jianguo towards Fuxing, it’s the second turn left (one-way street underneath the ugly green underpass), and then the third to the right, a small lane, but you can easily see the big ‘animal hospital’ sign.

That’s where the perfect cat gets her shots as well.

It’s a bit hard to find, though (edited after having been there on Sat):
Driving Heping from Jianguo towards Fuxing, it’s the second turn left (one-way street underneath the ugly green underpass), and then the third to the right, a small lane, but you can easily see the big ‘animal hospital’ sign.[/quote]

That sounds like the place we took our chow years ago–up through 1999 when we left Taiwan. They were nice and always seemed to know what they were doing. They were a big help when we were getting ready to ship our dog back to the US.

Would people recommending vets kindly mention whether or not they perform abortions, and how near to term they will do it. You could go back and put this information into your older posts. This information is needed because some Taiwanese vets will not do abortions, and while you are running around trying to find one who does, the fetuses are getting more and more mature, which will make any eventual abortion more unpleasant for the vet who does it and more traumatic for both bitch and owner - not to mention the unborn pups themselves. Also, in the case of a late abortion, you may be charged extra for cremation. In my opinion, abortions should be performed “as early as possible and as late as necessary,” with the emphasis on the first part.

Someone will probably pipe in now with “you shouldn’t let bitches get pregnant in the first place,” but things are not always entirely within one’s control. There is also the matter of what to do with pregnant strays.

The Chinese word for abortion is duo4tai1 墮胎. On the mainland they say ren2gong1 liu2chan3 人工流產 (induced miscarriage).

Would anyone have the numer to Manhattan Animal Hospital (on the north side of Civil Blvd. between Dunhua and Fuxing)? Tried to do a search (in English) but no luck. I did come across someone in TaiwanHo mentioning that his vet in Tainan recommended this hospital when he couldn’t handle a complicated procedure.

曼哈頓動物醫院Manhattan Vet. Hospital
台北市市民大道四段77號TEL: 2781-5203
#77 Civil Boulevard Section 4

Thanks! I’ll throw in my two cents of how things go with this establishment when everything has been done.

I know this is a list for good vets, but in addition, I’d like to add the ugly. I was looking for some place close to me that sold Hill’s Hairball Control (having a narcissistic cat…for good reasons if I might add!) so I wandered to a vet clinic near Isalu’s kittysitter’s place. The people there were friendly and had a beautiful little red dachshund wearing a jacket. The woman came over and gave me some recommendations if I wanted to change his food. Just as I was pondering it over, she walks over to behind the desk, picks up the dachshund and a leather-bound notebook, and proceeds to hit the dog with it over and over while screaming at it for going “da bian” behind the counter, then shoves its nose into it. Then when she finished beating the dog, the poor thing cowered under the chair of the vet who also started barking at it in a threatening way. I felt so helpless and in shock at how quickly these two people changed from seeming knowledgeable about animals to abusing their dog and punishing it for something that happens naturally. As soon as I became unfrozen, I said I had to think about it, asked for their card and left.

They are called Yo Ren Animal Clinic. I have the vet’s name, but as it’s in Chinese, I can’t read much more than the radicals in each character. They are located at He Ping E. Rd. Sec. 1 #200. It is located between Tai Shun St. and Shi Da Rd. If you would like to call them and give them a piece of your mind, their number is 2363-5377 (2363-5821 for the 24-hour line). If it had been a restarant owner beating a dog, I would be upset but not as shocked as to see two people in white lab coats being both so knowledgeable about and yet so ignorant as far as animal welfare was concerned.

I am too passive to handle direct confrontation, so this is the best I can do against them.

Juba, just so you know, Yang Ming Vet Hospital in Tienmu will spay a bitch well into pregnancy, should you need it next time.

He obviously cares about animals, and is very aware of the stray problem here. His contact details are listed above, I believe.

I agree about Yang ming Vet Clinic…they were a great help to me when I brought my stray dog from Taipei home to Canada with me. I had so much trouble getting straight answers about exporting an animal out of Taiwan until I went there.

And he definately does love dogs…if I remember correctly, his dog wore an LV collar even!