Victoria Secret Lingerie

Does Taiwan have a store with Victoria secret lingerie/clothes? Or is online my only option here? Thnks!

Pretty sure it’s just online. They ship international.

there’s a store called SCOTTYREX near the Core Pacific Living Mall that sometimes has Vicki’s undies. i think they’re some sort of outlet…

and there’s always NET Secret. haha…

Where can I find the Victoria’s Secret catalogue?

Strictly for research purposes. I, uh, need to, um, buy a present for my girlfriend. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket.

you can request them on line but i don’t know if they ship it internationally, you can try putting the street name in English.

They ship to Taiwan via UPS or postal service. IF cost is under 3000NT (total cost of goods including the shipping costs) There is no customs tax. IF over 3000NT there will be a duty taxes charged.

Catalogs can be requested on line.

Yes, Victoria secrets does ship to Taiwan-but items avail are extremely limited simply because most items are shipped from mainland China and Taiwan restricts their shipments. I have been able to receive cotton panties, but that’s it. No bras, shoes or clothing.

I have ordered a lot from VS and had them ship here to Taiwan. They only time I have encountered limited quantities is low stock due to sale items. Underwear, shoes, sportswear, and a dress all have arrived here with out any problem. Even if label says “made in China” but that does not mean that it is shipped out from China.

Oh, I just remembered another reason for limited stock: They have a very fast turnover of stock and constantly bring in new items. These special items may be available only in one catalog for a limited period of time, so if you find the item at the end of that time you may be out of luck. Their clothing line is trendy so it is a bit different than shopping at other online or catalog sales, like landsend or eddie bauer.

I 've ordered from VS online as well and haven’t had any problems. After I ordered once, I was automatically put on their catalogue mailing list. I still get it regularly, but as it’s sent in clear plastic packaging, it often arrives in my mailbox opened…no surprise there.

VS has pretty good customer service, but if you have to return something, it can be expensive. I bought a pair of boots that ended up being too big, so I sent them back. It cost me about 1000NT…should have just sold them on ebay…

Interesting?? Up until a year ago I was able to receive whatever, then all of a sudden I started to get an auto message from VS stating that due to shipping restrictions I couldn’t receive a particular item. I can distinguish b/t made in China and shipped from China; they actually ship many things from HK and parts of the mainland. I’ve spoken to cs repeatedly and this is the excuse I was given for my order being automatically returned or completely rejected.

I order regularly. When was the last time you ordered. Was via mail, fax or online?

…Due to trademark, labeling, or embargo restrictions, the item listed below cannot be shipped to the country you have provided.


It has been about a year. Three to four years ago, I was informed of the same thing by customer reps. They just say a version of the script they need to say and really do not understand about Taiwan - Mainland. It is better to talk directly with their reps or even better a supervisor or manager. You have to find a person who is willing to listen to the situation here, and tell about all the department stores and markets with goods that openly carry a made in China label. I basically take full responsibility if it is accepted or not by customs and have never had it rejected by customs here once it was shipped out.

Basically, you have to find a customer rep who will listen to the situation here and will mail it to you. It also helps if you put in a big order.

To eliminate frustration, ask where the item is made, before you place your order. Sometimes one item is made in more than one country, so ask.

Hope this helps.

Thanks snowdragon, I think I’ll try ordering over the phone next time.
So far I can get cotton panties and I did manage to swing some pajamas. The last time I talked to a VS rep they had no problem shipping it out-it seemed Taiwan sent it back, and since then auto-onlne message restrictions.

So Candian girl, give ordering a go. You never know what you can get.