Video news: Decoding Taiwan’s Dating | Gen Taiwan

Interesting story/video and comments


It’s funny how Vice has been trying to dig in deep to raw Taiwan stories, and (seemingly) based on their output, all of us have given them a hard “nope” :joy:

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Kind of lacked any substance and only interviewed two people. It mostly only talked about dating apps and not dating. And then went off on a scammimg tangent.

Vice doesn’t seem to be putting in much effort but it’s in cooperation with Taiwan Plus so maybe that’s limiting it being anything more substantial.

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Vice has become shyte all by themselves, no need to try and drag Taiwan down with them…

Couldn’t think of a more boring subject to made a video about.

Taiwan might have exciting or even interesting things about it but dating isn’t one of them.

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This is not shite.

The type of Investigative/gonzo reporting you get on issues not normally reported on you don’t see anywhere else. There used to be Journeyman Pictures but their content has dropped off for years.

Seriously who else is embedded with rebels and going into mines in the Congo and CAR? Or interviewing dissidents in Xinjiang?

I give props where they’re due. They can’t all be bangers.


7:33 original post video: “I have to take a dump”. Classy line!

I found a couple of their videos cringeworthy and also some of the people they choose to interview cringeworthy too.

I think I might be in the minority but I actually mostly enjoy Taiwan Plus.

Sidebar: The term “singletons” sounds weird repeated over and over in this video, why can’t they just use singles? Sounds like the waiguoren on staff’s advice was ignored again.


That’s why I used to quite like them.

Taiwan Plus is something that I appreciate the most, despite the fact that I believe I may be in the minority.