Videos from AI (Artificial Intelligence) that seem real


China has developed a news anchor that speaks English based on the likeness and voice of a real Chinese speaking news anchor.

A sample of things to come. And expect some to use the technology for nefarious purposes.


So far it’s still easy to tell it’s fake. It’s also easy to train another model to differentiate real video footage from the fake ones, ala GAN style. However, if someone makes a fake video to hijack an election, they would only need to fool a small percentage of people, especially in America.


Replace a body in any video.


Just thinking about the possible uses for that blows my mind!


Well … it’s not exactly AI is it? It’s just text-to-speech synced with a video image. I suppose the text-to-speech has to have some comprehension of the meaning of the text, but it doesn’t seem to have quite cracked it yet.