Vietnamese fight to the death


There has been similar deadly incidents between migrant workers in Taiwan. Wonder why they are so vicious with each other. Is it the stress of life as a migrant worker in Taiwan, making them hardened and callous and quick to take a life or have theirs taken.

Where is the humanity.

Granted similar fights have taken place among Taiwanese in KTV and other places, but are those not making the news or are migrant workers lives so stressed they are living life on the edge?


Read Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. The oppressed cannot turn against the oppressor and hence turn against each other with repressed fury. Hence, the fatalities.


This is why you should never fight unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Everyone wants to be the though guy until they’re beat to a pulp. As much as I lose my temper, I haven’t been in a street fight in a long time. Only regulated ones now. I’ve got my jaw broken, I’ve sent others to the hospital before. But most of the time most people just chicken out when it’s time to walk the walk. It’s no joke, especially in taiwan where the culture is to call a bunch of guys to beat one person up.


It is so dumb and pointless. Fights prove nothing. Especially among 2 unskilled fighters. It is funny, when you have done Jiu-Jitsu for such a long time you see how stupid fights and false bravado are. The only people it impresses are idiots. Once you get the idea of doing Jiu-Jitsu for so long, and that you are scared of no one, it makes fights seems really stupid


Reading the article, it looks like they were planning a murder. They bought the weapons 30 minutes prior so they didn’t just get into a fight. I want to know the name of the restaurant so I never go there.


Sounds like it might be gang activity.


If you study behaviorial psychology at any decent length, you learn violence is most common in societies of inequality, not between the rich and poor, but the poor and the poor, usually between groups closest to each other. The larger the inequality, the greater the occurence of violence.

As long as the SE Asians are overworked and massively underpaid, this will continue.

Taipei will continue to be the hotspot, as the most apparent location of that inequality.


Vietnamese also tend to be very hot-headed and get pissed off very easily. One reason why they could fight China for 1000 years and still win.


Man those people know how to party! I guess it’s not a party unless someone dies


You guys are breaking the first rule of Vietnamese fight club


It’s a tie. For a W in the sheet, they need to make a parade in the forbidden city.

A side note, Vietnamese are known for their unity and camaraderie. Had an experience a few years ago, where practically all Vietnamese in my school knew my name/looks/data due to me living in a room full of Vietnamese students and me kicking a Vietnamese player in a friendly football match.

Everywhere I go, I feel the tension and glaring looks from them.

Moral of the story, stay out from them, ask Rambo if you don’t believe me. They maybe small, but they’re though.