Vietnamese Nannies Raped by Taiwanese Labor Brokers

Yet another case of multiple sexual assaults and rape of migrant workers by their employers.

[quote]Vietnamese under sexual assault byforeign employment agent
At beginning of May 2005, the foreign Catholic Father Ruan Wenxiong,
who often referred cases to the Foundation, phoned us that
there was a very serious sexual assault case in Tainan. The victims
might be as many as 40 to 50 and the case required our assistance.
We emphasize a lot on such cases, especially reported from social groups. We made an appointment with Father Ruan to further discuss the case.
We discovered that the assaulter was the person in charge of an employment company. He not only illegally introduced Vietnamese n-house maids but also, when they were not 􀅆appointed􀅇 to work, sexually assaulted each maid in threat or force, alledgely telling each victim they were supposedly going to take a Chinese language test. After that, they were forced to sign the agreement that they are 􀅆willing to do anything for the person in charge􀅇 in Chinese that they did not understand. None of the victims dared to report. Mainly they were afraid that they would be deported if the news broke out. In addition, they came to Taiwan with debts and their salaries were at the employment company. They could not bear to be deported home without having the money. One of the maids being deported who did not want to surrender shouted for help at the customs clearance. Father Ruan was asked to translate and found out the case.
We accepted this case after listening[/quote]

You need to get more up-to-date sources. Both father and son were jailed earlier this year. The story of their sentencing came across my desk a month or two back.
Or are you simply trying to point out that there unscrupulous people out there? If that’s the case, well, no shit, Sherlock!
Do they recieve justice? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In this case, yes they did.
And if you’re trying to make this some kind of “those dirty Taiwanese” rants, I’d have to say “those dirty Brits” are even worse.
Sex for asylum scandal

Let’s not forget the sex for visa scandal at AIT a few years back exposed by the “unprofessional” former AIT director James Wood.