Vietnamese worker shot nine times :facebook:

The case made it to the BBC front page yesterday, lots of unanswered questions. Taipei Times and Taiwan News don’t say much about it.

Fire Bureau denies wrong doing

someone’s blog article

They originally made it like he was a deranged guy they caught just randomly trying to steal a car.
Now I see it was an illegal migrant round up gone wrong. Something very different.

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Yeah, the article I read a few weeks ago made it look like this was a hardened criminal on the run from the law for 3 years. This paints a different picture and who knows which is true, but from every other point raised in the article I’m not inclined to side with the police (yet). Is there any word on whether or not he was armed? Because shooting somebody 9 times is pretty severe and I haven’t heard a word about what imminent danger the cops were in.

I wonder how much was caught on video?

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Or more to the point, how many cctv cameras were mysteriously not working?

Presumably that’s where the ‘crazy’ rumour came from.

Even if he was stealing a car, I’m not sure how that justifies shooting him dead. This isn’t Kansas.

If there’s any possible positive outcome, it might get people asking some hard questions about why there’s a two- or three- tier system for foreign workers here, and why the lower rungs seem explicitly designed to create abusive situations. Something might even get fixed. Stranger things have happened.

Okay, second article in the original post here says he was throwing rocks at them. Sounds like a 12 year old more than some criminal mastermind.

The ambulance dash cam image seems to indicate they’re in the middle of nowhere. He could have been stealing a car, I suppose.

The story I heard was he was trying to steal a car and then the cops said he tried to steal their car and they were fighting with him.
It did mention that he was an illegal migrant but it didn’t mention anything about an operation to round up illegals.
It just made it look like they got a report of a guy trying to steal a car.

It seems possible that he was trying to escape and then tried to steal the vehicles .

His father came from Vietnam and said that he didn’t even know how to drive so the possibility of him trying to steal a car is really low.

The police is under investigation now. It seems like a case of police brutality to me, and I’m willing to bet that the “crazy” thing is the result of exploitation and abuse.

“The National Police Agency released a statement on Monday saying that they were forced to shoot the accused when they failed to subdue him with a baton and pepper spray. The police fired nine shots in order to subdue the man which has raised questions about police brutality and racial profiling.”

“According to the NPA, Nguyen strongly resisted police arrest when two policemen, surnamed Chen and Lee, came to arrest him. The 27-year-old runaway worker fractured the nose and bruised the face of Lee and damaged a police baton. Police then used pepper spray to subdue the man. The NPA says continued to resist arrest by throwing stones at policemen from an irrigation ditch while he rinsed his eyes.”

You guys can search previous incidents in which pervs took guns from the officers themselves and threatened themselves and others. People then criticized the cops for not being strong/hard enough. Then we have the many cases when shootouts with pervs have turned into Keystone cops reenactments … with real fatalities.

This incident was a mixture of racism, plus possible collusion with mafia -wouldn’t surprise me if the agents put a bounty on his head or he saw too much so that is why he is dead.

At best, if we are being kind, we could say lack of proper training, but considering previous incidents when the cops have been under fire and yet not opened fire, it makes no sense to shoot someone for rocks. As said, this ain’t Kansas.

Now I’m intrigued about the mafia part. How does the mafia factor into this? The Taiwanese mafia hires Taiwanese police to assassinate people?

Doing the killing and paying someone to cover the investigation sounds less mafan to me.

:rofl:We get that in England. “The suspect subsequently damaged police property by repeatedly hitting it with his head”.

The agencies who facilitate people-trafficking - sorry, international employment opportunities - are rather shady. I’m not sure if they’re mafia-run exactly, but they’re not very nice people.

Having said that I find it a bit unlikely that the guy was executed. Nobody would listen to a Vietnamese whistle-blower. If schwarzwald’s additional details are true, it’s more likely he was either just desperate to escape deportation, or drugged/drunk. Either way, it’s a bit depressing that a whole bunch of policemen aren’t able to subdue one underfed factory worker without shooting him.

The taiwanese mafia is the same behind the agencies that controlo the “market” of hiring out the workers. these are the ones exhorting ridiculous sums of money out of desperate people. The reason why the workers have no righte is the collusion between the mafia and th politicians. Corruption and greed causing the tragedy of human trafficking.

These mafiosi agents of corruption are deeply entrenched in both the police and the military. Hence, if you accidentally see something you are not supposed to, you also accidentally dissappear. Open any newspaper and a few stories will regularly pop up.

I mean, cops can be stupid, but 9 bullets stupid? Fishy to my Central American nose.

Please remember the lady who plowed thropugh a whole family and all 6 cameras “malfunctioned”. Money talks. Now add fear.

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Here is a link to the video

I would say you are exaggerating but I know of at least two cases where the supposedly non existent cctv footage turned up afterwards.

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Shocking stuff leaving him to die like that.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but bullets will put holes in you.

A proportionate response would have been to throw rocks back at him.

There’s something wrong with someone who would throw rocks at people with guns. Did he not think that cunning move all the way through? Or was he desperate?

There’s something wrong with people who have no empathy for a man who bleeds to death on a roadside.

Do they not think before opening their mouth?
Or were they born like that ?

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I save my empathy for the deserving.