Viewing Chinese

Hi, I brought my computer with me from Canada so it has no Chinese programming. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I need to installl in order to view Chinese writting on websites. I can view pictures fine, but text comes up as boxes.

I assume you are using WinXP on your computer. Well, I had to install the chinese fonts, and then it worked. I am trying to remember where I got the fonts from, either from M$ webpage, or from the WinXP installation CD.

I actually did a quick search on the web. I hope this side will help you.

Thanks for the tips, but nothing worked, for some reason the language files aren’t in my computer, and I don’t have any of the CD’s with me. Any other ideas?

You need to follow this article

Microsoft: To install East Asian language files on your computer

but you do need a Windows installation CD, I can’t find the files to download seperately.

Can you borrow a CD off someone you know? If not, you can borrow mine.

Alternative site describes the process more clearly, but you still need the CD. You can try steps 1-4, maybe there is a backup on your computer, it depends how the manufacturer configured your system.

or you use a third party software
like chinese star or twinbrigde
there should be a couple of freeware programmes around