Virus trouble/blocked sender help

I’ve been getting viruses emailed to me from the same person about 5 times in the last 2 weeks and added him to my blocked sender list but the emails/virus still gets thru to my email. I am using outlook express. My Pc Cillin catches the virus and no harm is done apparently as the message is automatically sent to deleted items folder. Why does the blocked sender function not work. The mail comes from “Steve” ttsnovak at and it seems I started getting the worm attack after I posted an ad on Tealits board. Looking at the english in his message, it is coming from a chinese person.

Do you mean your anti-virus prog is catching them before outlook does ? That sounds right. Outlook still needs to download the email to know who it is from so it can delete it. Pccillin is doing it before Outlook has a chance, which is what you want. It’s no good if Pccillin says you have a virus AFTER outlook has got it’s dirty mitts on it.
Is that what you mean ?

P.S. That’s what you get for posting your email address on a public forum which I have warned about several times before. You just posted his, so he’s going to get nasty spam and viruses now :laughing:

You could use Mailwasher and filter him out before you download any mail.

Actually, the virus-sender might be forging his return address, either to some random unfortunate or to someone he has a grudge against.

I get “bounce” messages all the time on my soon-to-be-ex-email-address, containing viruses, worms, and spam that other mailers rejected, after someone forging my address sent them out. I’m just glad that so far nobody has complained to me or my ISP thinking that I’m the one who was sending them.

I actually know that guy. He’s not Chinese. I’ll ask him if he’s having any problems (just called, no answer).

Strange, I know 2 other people that told me their getting emails from him. I might have an idea about what’s going on (but it’s too early to post).

He started getting a lot of “bounce” messages about 2 weeks ago. His address it getting replecated by someone else. If someone could post the name of this virus, I’d do more investigative work. The forging of his address might also be why you’re having trouble blocking it (I think). Did you check the header infomation?

There’s no forging of addresses going on. Outlook Express is a breeding ground for viruses. A virus can infect your computer when you read (or even preview) the incoming mail and send a copy of itself out to everyone in your address book. It could even mail out random files from your hard disk.
Chances are that your buddy’s PC was sending out viruses to all his family and friends right under his own nose.


I still have a few of his emailed viruses in my deleted folder. If you want, I can send them to you. He has sent 3-4 different worms to my mailbox but PC-Cillian alerts me and passes over the file after not being able to clean it. It goes automatically to my deleted folder so no harm done, I think.