Visa after arrival


After your first tourist visa, how long is the 2nd stay for Americans?


Do you have a visitor visa now, and want to extend it in Taiwan?


Americans get 90 days every time they enter the airport.


I didn’t know it was possible to extend a tourist visa


I guess what you call a tourist visa is the visa exempt program, and you don’t have a visa.

If that is the case, @tango42’s post.


Thanks for the feedback


If you have an actual visa (not a visa-exempt entry), you can extend it in some circumstances (I’m sure we’ve discussed it in previous threads), but the easiest thing for a tourist to do is to fly out and back in, getting a (new) visa-exempt entry.

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Correct, people need to stop calling it a landing visa or whatever. In the Americans in Italy forum they keep calling it that as well and confuses everything.