VISA & ARC Question

My company phoned me on Friday and told me that my ARC expired and that I need to do a Visa Run.

I have been working for the company for two years and I did all the paperwork, they were just too slow on their side to renew it hence my ARC and Work Visa are expiring.

So I will do a Visa run to Hong Kong this week (i.e. last week of November, 2001). I did a Visa run way back two years ago too.

What I’m asking is how will this Visa run be different and what tips can anybody give for doing a Visa Run like this.

What documents will I need etc.? All help and ideas will be apreciated. Thanks.

You can go to HK and come straight back.
It depends on what country you come from, but 12 countries can get a landing visa at CKS airport.

You could come in Visa exempt… I think the period of this is for 14 days…don’t know would this work with the Keelung Boat cruise…they don’t like issuing things …they just like stamping your passport

the countries are
All EU countries barring Ireland… I don’t know why?!
and I think HK has been added

You would want to check this first though… just to be sure… forgot the website… just do a search with LANDING VISA TAIWAN.

If you are not from one of these countries you will have to get a visa at the Lippo Building in HK, and you will need a return ticket out of Taiwan or maybe a letter from the company…but I think now they require a return ticket out of Taiwan

Quite a few more countries too, like Australia, New Zealand, probably South Africa, etc