Visa being denied because of affair? Please advise

Original Title: Please help…

Greetings to all, few months back I’d posted a question and I’d recieved some very valuabe inputs. Once again I hope some of you can suggest/help me out. My problem goes like this, ex husband of my gf, an eternally sick guy who made my life hell for past 3 years. I’d lived in taiwan for over one and half year, while i was in taiwan he used to call me, abuse me over the phone, threaten me by going to my home and threatening security people. He played every trick in the book to scare me away from taiwan, At that time I couldn’t do much about it as my gf was in process of getting a divorce (she was seperated from his before we started our relationship) I left taiwan in dec (as my visa ran out) then I heard he sued me for something like damaging family, threatening to kill him, something absolute bull like that. I don’t even know the exact charges for which I am being framed. Anyway so when I went to apply for a visa in my home country, I’d been refused a visa, first TECC took about 4 weeks to process my application and finally they said they are refusing me visa (without evening bothering to tell me on what grounds my visa application is refused? It’s not like I’d expected they would explain, but atleast I should have been informed) my papers were all proper, everything was there to fullfill the visa requirements, later a TECC employee told me off the record that there’s a talk about police having some ‘suspicion’ therefore visa was refused to me.

It’s so very unfair, first I don’t even know for what I am being ‘suspected’ second once I left taiwan, that pig made life hell for my gf by constantly threatening her again (his usual way is to use their daughter to emotionally blackmail her) since couple of weeks my gf is so terrifed that I’ll get arrested once I return to taiwan that she is avoiding me, avoiding her family and friends. I have a home in taiwan, belongings, friends, everything. Can anyone please help me and tell me what can i do in this situation? I was told by TECC that I am not banned from travelling to taiwan and I can apply for visa again, which I am going to do next week. Any suggestion, advice, opinion will be very helpful for me.

Sucks. I feel for you, mate. But you must remember that they are within their rights to refuse a visa for any reason at all, or for no reason at all. They’re under no obligation to inform you as to why. Same as any other country.
Sounds to me that your girlfriend should be sorting out your affairs in Taiwan and then coming over to where you are living.

Thank you sandman, I was expecting some more suggestions nevertheless can anyone please tell me how can i find out what charges is framed against me? That idiot ex hubby sent me an sms that it’s 4 criminal cases. Is there any way to find out what are they? I’d be grateful for any help…

If you and your gf are serious, then maybe she could sort her stuff out in Taiwan, come to you and you guys get married in your home country. I’d think it’d be less likely that they’d refuse a visa if you’re married to a TW citizen (though that’s just a guess).

Your girlfriend could do a great deal to sort this out in Taiwan. You can do nothing from your end. She needs to get her divorce for a start (which her husband will have to agree to.)

Questions: How is it that your name has appeared on a blacklist as a result of being the respondent in a suit for adultery and yet you do not know about it? Were the papers filed correctly? Were you given notice of the suit? If the man has contaced the police citing you as the third party how can an action lie if you were not caught in flagrente delicto with him present to bear witness? Have unlawful approaches been made to MOFA to have you so blacklisted? And about a hundred other questions your gf’s lawyer will need to put to the police and MOFA, or preferably her directly to a legislator/tattooed gentleman of her choice.

Only your gf can solve this problem. Someone has taken the “oh you foreigners are so easy to deal with” line, but it will not be so easy if your gf wishes to press the issue.

NB. You might have to marry her after this and buy someone a new Mercedes.

She doesn’t need her husbands agreement she can start divorce proceedings.

She doesn’t need her husbands agreement she can start divorce proceedings.[/quote]
I’ve also always been under the impression that both parties need to consent to a divorce in Taiwan, as it often comes up in the visa section. So what’s the “straight dope” on the matter? Is there a law we can reference regarding this?

To the OP, sorry to hear about your current situation. I agree with the above posters who said your gf will need to get on this to really sort it out. As to her ex… :loco: Some people just never know when it’s over.

Sorry, on a re-read the OP says “ex-husband”.

A divorce can be made here by court order as a result of legal procedings, the same as anywhere else, but the norm is by consent in front of a notary public because it’s easier and the woman doesn’t want any of the “marital property” because she’s divorcing a bum anyway. Oops. That’s how it is in most cases anyway. Allegedly.

Sorry dude. I feel for you and wish you well in working it out.

BUT, apparently you were screwing a married woman. :no-no:

I know, they were separated, he was a jerk, she told you what a jerk he was, that the marriage was just a technicality and she couldn’t wait for the divorce to be final, but THEY WERE MARRIED when you were dating her.

It’s not a mere technicality either. I know, because I was once screwing a married woman because they were separated, he was a jerk, she told me what a jerk he was and how she couldn’t wait for the divorce to be final, etc. But one day I stepped out my front door with her and there he was, wanting to kick my ass (he didn’t) and I discovered then that divorce is not a technicality. When you’re married, even when you’re a total jerk and the marriage is obviously completely hopeless and basically over, for the poor ignorant shmuck it’s NOT over till it’s over. There’s always one more grasping for the elusive and futile possibility of working it out. And in fact, he’s right: until they’re divorced, she’s not supposed to be screwing other guys (and them her).

So, I feel for you, but in a way there was a logical basis for some of his crazy rage.

Anyway, good luck.