Visa extension

Hello I am USA citizen but I got Taiwan passport…entered TW with Taiwanese passport and it allows me to stay for 3 month max…but I heard I can just pay some money for over staying? anyone know how much and how long? and I heard it’s not good good to over stay unless realy necessary…can anyone tell me more detail on this

If you entered on a Taiwanese passport then you would have been given visa free entry. You don’t need a visa to visit your own country as far as I know.

Are you perhaps referring to the short term stays used to avoid being conscripted? As we all know, males in Taiwan have compulsory military service. This includes Taiwanese who have grown up overseas. That said, you may want to avoid an overstay or you may find yourself being conscripted.

OP is probably using an Overseas ROC passport which requires visas, just like any other foreigner, subject to the same rules and regulations as any other foreigner.

Overstays is not a good idea. And I don’t see any real convincing situations that overstays is a must. Perhaps unless one doesn’t plan to come back to Taiwan in the future and only expect a one way ticket back home.

ya Lclean u got it, it’s overseas ROC passport…so overstay is rarely done huh? I tho you just pay some more money and can stay couple more weeks…but you need a good reason and even then it’s not a good idea? ya I don’t have any reason actually just wondering if one day I will overstay then what happens…I guess I better not heh…thanks